The battery stores and supplies the electrical energy used by the starter to initially start the engine. When the vehicle is running, the battery serves as backup power if the alternator cannot meet the electrical demands of the vehicle.

Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Battery

  • Engine may crank slowly or not at all
  • Engine may stall while driving
  • The battery may leak causing corrosion on the cable ends, mounting surface, and points below the battery

Battery Related Repair Advice

  • The battery cable ends should be inspected for corrosion and cleaned or replaced as necessary whenever the battery is replaced
  • The average useful life of a vehicle battery is around four years. This time will increase/decrease depending on the integrity and performance of the charging system.
  • High-quality replacement batteries are recommended due to the extensive electrical systems used in modern vehicles. The new battery must meet or exceed the specifications of the original battery.
  • it is important that the charging system is thoroughly checked after the new battery is installed. Otherwise, you may have recurring issues.

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