Q: just had front tires put on,get wobbly ride at 60mph .had re-balanced twice. on 2003 BMW 745i

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front end shakes at 60 plus mph.took car back twice for are michelin,but i cant find them on michelin website.starting to think tires are no good
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Have the shop move the new tires to the rear of the car a test drive after that. This should narrow down what is going on with your new tires. Michelin and all tire makers are constantly changing and renewing their tire designs. Some tires that were available as little as 6 months ago may no longer be in the inventory for the different tire makers, this could be why you cannot find them online at the Michelin web site. Have the shop check to make sure if one of the tires has a bad belt or if one of the wheels is slightly out of round.

Good luck!
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