Q: Is there such a thing as fuel senders-told let gas get to low- cost 768 to fix? on 2005 Ford Freestyle

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Part#6F97-9A299-A & 6F97-9275-A no diagnosis code given. Had 2 problems Wrench and passenger air bag came on first then went off. Then Engine pic came on and stayed. Got book out of glove comp. to see what pics were and passenger side was wet, but also wet around sunroof. Told two problems- did not check out blockage in sunroof or leak in windshield or whatever but was told Engine problem was fuel senders. The light on dash said 29 miles left before fuel light came on and got gas. Vehicle still runs perfectly just picture when first happened and wet ran perfectly but speed oil everything did not move in console even lights off when dried out everything works fine bu light still on so concern is if still getting fuel and still running what are these expensive fuel senders that need replacing?
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The fuel tank sender unit tell the gauge in the instrument cluster how much fuel is in the tank and is an input to the computer in your car needed for the computer to run a self test on the evaporative emission system in your car. If the computer can't run the test the check engine light will come on. Some cars require removing the fuel tank to replace the sensor.
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