Ford Crown Victoria Problem Report

Ford Crown Victoria Coolant Leak and/or Engine Overheating Due to Cracked Intake Manifold

(38 reports)

The composite (plastic) intake manifold may crack near the thermostat housing and cause a coolant leak. Ford released an updated manifold that was reinforced to prevent a recurrence. No recall was issued for this problem but Ford did extend the warranty to seven years on some models from the date of purchase.

Coolant leak by the coolant crossover -
Pol Int -- cracked intake manifold due to ford's bright idea to make money off of plastic intake manifold . Replaced myself with the help of the internet and youtube . Used part $55.00 (junkyard off internet) , gasket set $21.00(kragen/O'reilly), DEALER ONLY-new heater coolant return-line (under intake-manifold metal pipe)$45.00 (also due to fail soon after this manifold issue. BETTER to replace whilst everything is already off , no?) New Dorman replacement is $200-250 for Manifold BUT includes gaskets built in .(Dealer is 234.00) My cost in parts $121.00 with additional installation of Under Intake-Manifold Coolant Return Line . -
After filling radiator up with water or antifreeze it leaks out - in spray like way. -
Cracked Intake manifold. Removed and replaced -
on hard acceleration, the heater hose pops off the manifold. The radiator hose, when manually sqeazed, feels like there is no water pressure running through it. -
Working on it Trying copper stop leak -
Just had my car towed in do to this cracking on the interstate. Not a happy camper. Hope this is not to expensive. -
cracked intake manifold, $500. solution -
was doing fine going down the road then i pegged out overheated and then completley lost power in my car water went everywhere there is a hole right behind the altinator -
anti freeze seepingat intake passenger side front cracked shitty plastic intake manifold -
I have a 97 mercury marquis 55000 miles leaking radiator fluid threw intake manifold behind alternator pin hole need to find something that will seal hole please help -
Intake manifold cracked by thermostat housing allowing coolant to leak into #5 spark plug well. Fouls plug. -
Is being worked on. -
Manifold cracked, OEM ones are plastic. Replaced with Aluminum one for 800 dollars. -
Leak where plastic broke on manifold just below where thermastat goes. -
coolant leak caused by crack in intake manifold. $1200 to replace and install. :-( -
the coolant intake is plastic broke at thermostate housing.. installed new alluminium intake -
My manifold cracked - had to get a new one $750.00 -
intake manifold needs replacement part. mechanic needed to repair. -
Had to replace intake -
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