Chevrolet Venture Problem Report

Chevrolet Venture Intake Manifold Gasket May Leak Coolant or Engine Oil

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The intake manifold gasket may develop and external engine oil or coolant leak. In some cases, an internal coolant leak may occur causing coolant to mix with the engine oil. Our technicians tell us that operating the engine  with a coolant/oil mix can result in internal engine damage. Replacing the intake manifold gasket should correct these leaks.

I have had two Chevy Ventures that developed this issue - noticed a coolant leak. The first one, 1999 Venture was still under warranty at 18,500 miles and the dealership fixed it by replacing the intake manifold gasket. My 2002 Chevy Venture developed a coolant leak at 45,000 miles and it cost me about $800 to have it fixed. Found out there was a class action lawsuit against GM's Dexcool coolant causing certain parts, such as the intake manifold to fail - was able to recoup about $650 with a bit of patience and sending in some documentation. -
I bought the veh at this mileage. Had the radiator flushed. Six months later flushed it again. Now it is almost getting to the overheating point after driving a while. Overheats more when sitting still and will sometimes cool down when driving a long stretch. -
when changing oil noticed white film in engine from coolant leaking into engine ,used stop leak and now it leaks outside of engine. -
Temp. gage started acting erratic(would move back and forth between normal and hot), followed by anti-freeze smell and loss of heater efficiency. This was due to lower intake gasket failure. Had lower intake gasket replaced, along with heads milled (warped due to overheating)at a total cost of 1600 dollars (off-duty mechanic price!! Shop est. close to 2000!) -
Mechanic noted at approximately 78,000 miles, small coolant leak at intake manifold gasket. $1200 estimate for repair . Indicated not a major concern if monitoring coolant level more frequently at this juncture .We're starting to look for another vehicle without this problem. -
coolant light comes on. blows hot air,stalls,and leaking anti freeze.replace waterpump,thermostat con"t to have the same problems. -
Have smelled coolant for years and recently found coolant reserve empty a couple times. Chevy Venture overheated to the point red light came on during a 3mile drive and drove for 3minutes like this to get home - this happened 2x then coolant was pouring out around upper engine area when I tested it while full of coolant. I took to a close by Chevy dealer (with not enough time to overheat) and they said they will change the coolant intake gasket for $1250 and No warranty because the head may be warped and they wont know until they do all the work and check for leakage. So.. a gamble. Risk 3 payments for a new car or take chances with repairing a payment free car- -
My 2002 chevy venture was leaking antifreeze and or water?? Ran hot put in a stop leak now oil is leaking and a milky substance is on my oil cap and water cap. -
Intake manifold gasket needed to be replaced. I was leaking coolant and not quite, but almost overheating. I had a friend do the repairs on the cheap but it was still fairly expensive. -
took it for oil change on 2-28-15 and mechanic told me that I had oil on manifold -
Los tornillos que sujetan lo que esta debajo del intake se aflojan con frecuencia trayendo como consecuencia perdida de aceite y coolang -
lower intake gasket is leaking at the bolts of the manifold is there a recall on this failing before 100,000 miles. -
leaking coolant/intake manifold gasket -
oil and coolant seem to be mixing,coolant is dark green. have to put at least a quart of oil and some times coolant in car now starting to over heat at an idle and sometimes driving. smell coolant. I have been told intake manifold gasket may need to be replaced -
Intake manifold gaskets were replaced twice (57000 miles and 100000due to coolant leak. -
@109,000 miles. -
I had this problem when the car was about four; it was fixed under the original warranty. Now at 14 years, 115000 miles, it started again. -
intake manifold gasket leaking coolant .diagnosis put dye in radiator ran truck for a few days checked for dye with black light could see dye around intake manifold. have not fixed yet needs new intake manifold gaskets upper and lower going to shop soon -
internal coolant leak caused overheating and engine damage -
Car started leaking coolant. GM dealership replaced intake manifold gasket. About $750 repair. There was a class action lawsuit against GM's Dexcool and I was able to get about 75% of my money back a couple of years later. -
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