Pontiac Bonneville Problem Report

Pontiac Bonneville Intake Manifold Gaskets Can Develop Engine Oil Leaks

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The intake manifold gaskets can develop external engine oil or coolant leaks. The intake manifold will need to be removed and the gaskets replaced to correct this issue. In some cases the plastic intake manifold my be damaged requiring replacement.

Intake manifold leaking oil. -
Noticed antifreeze level kept dropping. Would only see tiny amount on driveway not enough to explain amount being lost. Checked hoses, radiator, antifreeze holding tank no obvious leaks. noticed moisture on inside of oil fill cap. Went for annual inspection, mechanic found where antifreeze was leaking at top of engine and running onto exhaust burning most of it up before hitting the ground. Found upper and lower intake gaskets leaking. Replaced both -
Loosing antifreeze from reservoir -
Service engine light came on at 137500 miles. Car was diagnosed,will be fixed next week. -
Slight loss of coolant (but no visible external signs). Recent issues with engine "bucking" when warmed up. Diagnosed at shop, will have gasket (s) replaced. -
Coolant was leaking, had the upper intake manifold replaced -
Oil leak on top of engine from vale covers. -
Lose in presure then cut off -
I have had a slight oil leak for quite a while, and it seems to correlate with this common problem. -
Changed the plastic cover and the seal working good -
Noticed sweet smell at first, then burnt oil on engine block. Rough idle, white smoke out of exhaust. No milky oil though yet. Hoping to get it fixed next week. -
Intake Manifold gasket leaks. -
Lowqer intake manifold gaskets failed. Replaced with FelPro MS 98014 T. Upper intake manifold (Plenum) failed EGR tube. Replaced with Dorman 615-180. -
Leaking fluids. Took vehicle to Skinner and they diagnosed plastic manifold gaskets leaking. -
not fixed yet -
Non-metallic manifold needed replacing. Mechanic said something similar about engine freezing due to leak. Cost is quoted around $500 parts & labor. -
coolant leak, intake manifold -
replaced upper and lower gaskets plemum elbows flushed cooling system changed oil and filter 3 times about $800.00 -
By the time I learned of the problem with the intake manifold gasket it was too late and had already caused damage. I ended up haveing to replace the crank and bearings. ugh! -
Intake manifold gasket failed. So much water entered 3 cylinders it developed hydro-lock conditions as if the engine was seized. Complete gasket replacement for upper and lower intake manifolds was necessary. -
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