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Q: Instrument Panel Lights go on on 2002 Saturn L100

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Instrument Panel lights go on, specifically : security, service, ABS and Seat Belts and sometimes gas gauge and temp gauge goes up and down. Had it checked out and was told we needed:

$420 for new ignition and keys [this was supposedly triggered by SECURITY
lite going on]

$819 to fix ABM -- SECURITY {'working off each other'] via a new BCM (Body Control Module)

Any thoughts re: is this accurate? Is this a fair price? The car seems to be working just fine. Thanks so much for any advice.
to all you that dont like my advice about autozone ,They do give you a print out on posible things to look at, and it is a free start to folks for free, alldata is good too,but it cost about as much as a hayes maual,I had a code from auto zone that said my gas cap was bad,,,it was,,
Most of these people are driveing 10 year old cars and as you know thats the age where anything or everything can go wrong,some are even older,Thus my advice to get rid of it, It will be a money sucker,If these people had the money to goto a garage they would not be on here,And if your auto is not under warranty the dealer will only over charge them. Im just trying to simplify a problem for them, And Im not a know it all,You all are welcome for your opinion as I am, Good luck to all.
Another thing it could be the pc could need reflashed, but yes call around and get a good diag, Again you have 9 year old car with probly high miles,and who wants to put alot of money in a old car or as much as its worth.
dont go to autozone, they will not help. a free code pull never identifies a bad part, just a failed system.
there is something else going on here to have these systems go off line together. i would go to a shop for a real diag and let them give you a bid. i know you had one estimate but i think you need a second opinion.

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