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Ford Escape Ignition Misfires

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    The common problem for ignition misfires are ignition coils going bad. Replacement of the bad ignition coil is necessary. These should be fixed as soon as a problem is detected. Otherwise the misfire can cause damage to other components.

My check engine light went on. My son in law used a diagnostic meter and came up with 3 ignition coils are misfiring. Although he said the front ones weren't hard to change, I should have all 6 of them changed at the same time. The price difference for the parts ranges from 6 for $25 to $60 each plus he said it should take no more than 1.5 hours of labor. At least I'm going in to the mechanic shop with some info. Getting an estimate first. Sounds like a $600 + job. I miss my hubby (marine Vietnam great mechanic). I haven't had to pay for anything but parts while he was alive. A good honest mechanic is worth his weight in gold. -
3 coil misfires within a year, 2 less than 2 months apart. Sick of wasting my money. Happens every time it is humid out. -
Starting at 60,000 miles I have had a misfire code for one of the coils on plug (V6) every 20,000 miles or so. At 75,000 miles I had another one that I drove too much before repairing and it plugged up the Catalytic Converter - you'll know because the car will be slow on acceleration and very poor on fuel economy - 80,000 mile warranty, but the dealer will fight you on it since the exhaust manifold integrates three catalytic converters and the job runs the risk of fouling the muffler also. I have replaced 5/6 coils and all spark plugs twice. This last time I did the job myself and did not go OEM on the COP - wait and see. It has been a $600 dollar job at the shop - if the coil is in the front - DIY - If in the back - consider paying the mechanic as it is more time consuming and really requires a haynes or chilton manual to do it right. -
Had 3 coils replaced last year...check engine light was flashing...detector came up with 3 coils...what is it with these ford escapes???? I love my truck, but this is ridiculous!!! Got a price of $125.00 a coil...I think he said 3,4,5 coils...not sure if they are in back or front...disgusted!!! -
Ignition coils have been a continued source or aggravation on this vehicle, so far have replaced 3 of 6. Fortunately 2 have been on front of engine easily accessible, 3rd required removal of intake manifold (not complicated, but time consuming). -
A few days ago my check engine light came on out of the blue. The steering column began shake, the engine didn't sound normal and it began to struggle. I took it to AutoZone and requested the free diagnostic check and had two codes( Thank you AutoZone). I took the car to the repair shop on Friday it cost $804.71 for 5.50 hours of labor=$622.50. ~1 Ignition Coil Assy 4 ~6 Spark Plugs ~5 Coil Boots ~1 Premium Gasket -
I have replaced 2 of the 6 and now another one has gone bad. -
codes a misfire on cylinder 3 had all new spark plugs installed and it seemed to correct the problem for one month now getting misfire on cylinder 4 now its running rough again this will be the 5th time in 3 months this vehicle will be in the shop we`ve only had it for 3.5 months very disappointed overall we need help. I bought it for our son who was starting university 200 km away from us not happy at all -
2 coils were misfiring and 3 coils were cracked. -
replace ignition coil at 4000 rpm it misses code came up po136 po316 p0304 -
Dealer said it was the coil. Loss of power going over bridge and during excelerating. Engine comes on but goes out once SUV is stopped. -
P0352 code all cop replaced pcm diagnosed okay Problem recurring -
#3 fuel injector misfire -
ignition coil misfires. replaced three now another two are reading bad -
engine light & miss -
It has a no pickup from the misfire, it jumps, and it has a smell that comes on the inside of car. It has not yet been diagnosed nor fixed yet.I've had the ignition coil changed on it several time within a years time. -
engine started running rough. engine light came on. mechanic ran scanner tool and found the #3 ignition coil was the problem. Replaced the part. -
Vehicle started skipping then went dead. When re cranked it sputters, skips and knocks. Gave me 5 ignition coil circuit malfunction codes. Looks like the bad ignition coil fried my computer. To fix I have to buy a new PCM, all new 6 coils and all new 6 spark plugs. Ford won't recall or do anything about this. -
i have a problem with the check engine oil light flashing on and off while car is in idle. what is this? and how can i fix it -
Need a new catalytic converter :( -
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