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Idle Speed Control Motor May Fail and Damage ECU on Nissan Maxima

Problem Description and Possible Solution

The idle speed control motor may fail and possibly damage the engine's engine control unit.

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Nissan Maxima Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 164,723 (98,560–240,000)
Engine affected: 3.0L V6 DOHC
4 model years affected: 1994, 2000, 2001, 2006
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I bought this car with this problem thinking it would be an easy fix. I read up on the issues i was having " IDLE REALLY HIGH THEN REALLY LOW". I took the car to the shop code showed P5050? I tink. Showing IACV. I seen ALOT that of people with this problem cleaned there TB and never had the problem again. I cleaned my TB for 2 hours got it very clean. After replacing everything the car ran amazing like a brand new car for the rest of the day. Got out to drive it this morning and its doing the same thing all over again. Now after seeing that cleaning thet TB did infact do the job I am sure it is not the IACV nor the EGM. What did i do wrong? Did i miss something? Why did it run so good and then start messing up again? Please help.
Car would start but would not idle, immediately shut off. Replaced throttle motor which kept car running but idling high 1250-1750 RPMs. Have not solved issue yet.
2001 would not idle right they replaced the iacv it got fied ...the said the ecm was burned up in turn took out the new iacv replaced the iacv again at the dealers expenses had my ecm re manufured and put it in car worked fine until i drove off the lot then it started having the same problem they said that the ecm now would not relearn after the drove it 20 miles sent ecm back to remanufacture said it my be a chip bad is there something else that can be taking out the emc and or its chips hate to just keep doing this over and over help
The engine on occasions will stop when approaching traffic light to stop and when slowing down to take a corner.. The engine seems to run OK but now and again appears to miss fire
Idles to high replaced idle control motor still doing the same plus it will die while driving
Check engine light on and drivability issue. Hard to start, had to give gas and turn the key a the same time to start.t
Car would start but die immediately when not pressing the gas pedal. If you slightly press it will run just fine. I cleaned the mass air flow sensor . Then changed the IAC . I first removed and checked the ECU and didn't see any noticeable issues or dark spots. Put everything back together and still no idle. I was told it needed to be programmed or relearn. We tried repeatedly the manual process , crazy process , used a snap on analyzer and followed the prompts as well. Still no idle.
The issued started when my car failed to turned over but immediately died one morning. It started on a third try and I drove to the store. When I put it into park however, the idle became erratic. On my way home, I noticed that occassionally the idle would jump up about 1000 rpms while driving. I smelled the burning and knew something was wrong. The check engine light came on and it was the idle air control (IAC). In addition, a chip in my ECM (ECU) had burned up. The chip was in 2 pieces when we took the ECM out and looked at it.
Car shut off while driving. Diagnosed bad gasket on iacv causing coolant to leak into intake, shorting out the iacv and the ecu.
IACV fails and shorts out ecu. I sent the ecu out for repair and replaced the iacv and the tps for good measure. Works well again.
The car starts fine idles o.k but when you drive after you get to about 1700 rpms the car gos into like a limp mode let it go back down under 1700 runs good .Have changed coil packs and the plugs showing code p1320.
Car died while at a stop. Noticed a burnt smell.
Engine would start but die once in gear. Iac failure an ecu burnt!