Q: I get my blazer to turn over but won't start,,, what can I do? on 1994 Chevrolet S10 Blazer

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I was driving my blazer one night and went to start it the next day and well it still sits where I parked it now a week ago. I get the engine to turn over and my husband checked the fuel lines and pump and all is clear. He also tried to get it to turn over by adding gas to the injectors but still the engine will not start.. I have checked the distribator and I get still a turn over but no start .... what can I do?
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It sounds like you've done quite a bit to isolate the cause on your own, with no success, unfortunately. It would probably be best to get a qualified technician involved who could pretty quickly tell you what is going on with your Blazer.

Check that directory for some shops near you!
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