Q: how to reset tpms sensor? on 2008 Ford F-350 Super Duty

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how do i turn the tpms light off?
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TPMS: tire pressure monitoring system. First the obvious: what is your tire pressure at? Check the door sticker to find out what the pressure is suppose to be. 95% of the TPMS lights just require air. If the light flashes or the message center says "Fault", you best bring it to the local dealership. It could just need a calibration.
I had a low tire, front right was 10 psi lower of ford especification,after that,the pressure is ok on all five tires,but tpms warning light still on.
my question is because i fixed this situation on a 08 escalade just by using the learning mode from the dash board and the light came off,and i heard all makes and models are suposed to be reset by owner.