Q: How to replace fuel injector on 2005 Cadillac SRX

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Need procedure for replacing fuel injector in cylinder 4. Runs very rough and check engine light on and/or flashing. Received P304 and P204 DTC codes.
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I thought this would be pretty straight forward to find online, it wasn't, typically there is a fuel rail that feeds to top of injector(s), gain access to remove the rail, when you remove there will be o-rings at the top holes for each injector the rail feeds, recommended to replace all these o-rings including the lower ones on the #4 injector, just pull and remove the injector, have seen that there can be a retention plate at bottom to hold injector in place, reverse to reinstall rail. If this design is different on your SRX then you may have to buy a manual for pics and more detailed info. I truly hope this helps but maybe someone else here has more info.
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