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Q: How mch shd it cost to replace Valve Covr Gaskets on 2002 Hyundai Santa Fe

I took my santa fe to a goodyear repair shop last week and they charged me $300 (P&L) to replace main pressure hose for power steering. This week I started smelling gas every time I get in the car. Took car back - today bill is $172 to fix broken hose & bleed system. Now they say I also have an oil leak and need to replace valve cover gaskets - want $360 for that. Isn't that a lot ? 3 major repairs within 2 wks. I'm beginning to wonder if repair shop is being honest with me about the work they say my car needs.
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I also took my hyudai santa fe to the dealership and they said i need a vavle cover gasket, they want to charge me 400+ to fix the oil leak i thought that was a little much
Finally some really good news. My son suggested I call the Hyundai dealership Service Dept. where I bought the car - he said he was pretty sure valve cover gasket replacement was covered under the 10yr/100,000 mile power train warranty. Guess what ..... it was fully covered (since I'm the original owner and it had 98,000 miles on it and was only 8 years old)..
I looked up the price for a power steering hose and got $189 just for the hose. The fluid is probably $12 and labor is 1.0 hr. That's about $300. I think the price of the hose is expensive but I haven't seen it (could be a complicated or special design) and don't know if there are cheaper replacements available. Can't say about the other stuff but I'd feel better if they told you about the other problems when you first brought your car in. That would have made you feel more confident that they're not just trying to work you. Valve covers do leak, fuel hoses crack.
If you want to shop around, here's a directory link for you:
Thanks Superbob! I don't have the money to do the valve cover gaskets right now (after a $600 bill a week ago - that was for the power steering hose, a new tire, and an oil change - then a $172 bill today for the fuel line replacement). They told me it wasn't leaking oil too badly but to keep an eye on my oil level and get the gaskets replaced as soon as I possibly can. I just looked at their written estimate and it comes to $412.39 w/tax etc. Since my car has 98,000 miles on it - would I save money if I have the timing belt changed at the same time as the valve cover gaskets? I noticed that Hyundai's website recommends changing timing belt when you reach high mileage. Or am I just ending up putting too much money into a 2002 vehicle. Never had to put a dime into the vehicle (except for general maintenance, tires, etc) until a week ago. It's been a great car - but seems to be self-destructing all at once.
2 hours for the rear valve cover gasket. if the the correct one it may ask you too replace the spark plug wire also and since is on the area perform a tune up cause tou be dessapointed after he does tha work you come back.few days later with a missfire, front gasket 1hour. there are wrong if they were working on the car they suppost to advise you. on any other problem and let you deside.if you want the repair or not but that is in the first visit. the 172 dollar bill is question????? they could create that condition.?????? it was like that before' ?? but againg if the engine have high miles or toomany years old well you know what i mean evrything closed to were is repair brakes and some time ind the other side back the engine some people lifted to ease repair they have no choise .and many other things brake. them againg they suppost to warn you on the first repair best answer is from the dealer that you bough the car warranty ??
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