Q: How do you install a Distributor Condenser? on 1990 Chevrolet 1500 Pickup

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How do you install a distributor condenser on the alternator in order to reduce the engine noise heard through the radio?
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You'd screw the condenser mounting bracket to the alternator case and the wire goes to the B+ (charging) wire connection. If the condenser doesn't help enough, try getting the radio power from a more isolated source or check the antenna mounting for good ground.
If your noise is from the ignition system, it's usually due to faulty sparkplug wires or incorrect or faulty sparkplugs, but you asked about mounting a condenser to the alternator, so I assume you mean you want to eliminate alternator whine
I was told that the late 80's models of Chevy's, particular the trucks were bad about "engine noise" being heard in the radio (you press the gas and hear the "whine" of the engine as it accelerates through the radio, but if the radio is off, you do not hear anything). As a solution, Chevy issued a distributor condenser to correct the problem. The only thing is no mechanic in my area knows how to install it

My next question is this, after I connect the wire to the B+ wire, what do I ground to?
if you want to find a mechanic to work on this go to someone who restores cars. points and condensors where last used in 1974. so find an old mechanic.
Maybe you have non resistor Spark Plugs installed and should be running Resistor Spark Plugs and that will reduce or eliminate the engine noise heard thru the Radio