Q: how do i replace clutch on 1994 Mitsubishi Mighty Max

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clutch is out
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1. Remove transmission and transfer case assembly, if applicable, as outlined under Transmission and Drivetrain .
2. Insert suitable tool into center hole to prevent dropping clutch disc, then diagonally loosen bolts holding clutch cover assembly and remove assembly.
3. Remove clutch disc and tool.
4. Remove two return clips on transmission side, then the release bearing.
5. Remove shift arm spring pin and control lever shaft assembly with 3/16 inch punch, then remove clutch shift arm, two felt packing and two return springs.
6. Apply grease to inside surface of bushing and oil seal lips and apply engine oil to two felt packing.
7. Insert clutch control lever and shaft assembly into transmission case from left, then install clutch shift arm, two felt packing, and two return springs onto shaft.
8. Align lockpin holes on shift arm and control shaft, then drive in two spring pins. Ensure spring pin slot direction is at right angles to control shaft.
9. Apply ample amount of rubber grease to outer surface of piston and piston cup and insert them in release cylinder, then install pushrod and rubber boot.
10. Install release cylinder assembly to transmission case.
11. Fill groove of bearing inside diameter with grease.
12. Install release bearing to transmission front bearing retainer, then install return clips.
13. Rub grease in clutch disc spline and transmission main gear spline.
14. Using suitable tool, install clutch disc and clutch cover assembly on flywheel. When installing clutch disc, make certain that surface with manufacturer's stamped mark is on pressure plate side.
15. Install transmission.