Chevrolet Impala Problem Report

Chevrolet Impala High Pressure Power Steering Hose Can Leak Fluid

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The high pressure power steering hose will commonly leak fluid; it should be replaced.

The power steering line has gone out 4 times in three months. I have replaced the line twice and patched twice. I never do it myself but let a a local mechanic or friend take care of it for me. With the last patch job I jacked up the car and took a look for myself. I noticed the way the line is rubbing right against the main exhaust and this where the leak is. I am no mechanic but I would think there should by some type of divider to prevent them from touching. Any help? -
whining noise and kept adding fluid, after replacing pump , i am still having problems with noise and air bubbles -
the power steering pressure hose leaks alot and needs replaced -
This leak caused steering to be almost impossible. -
Power steering line leaks out fluid. Power steering goes away. Can drive car...but is difficult at slow speeds. Pump is ruined. Costly repair. Has now happened 3 times in 2 years. Have been working with my local garage going to chevy dealership to try and fix problem. I have never had this happen with any car I have owned. -
Power steering leak pump making won't cover it. I am going to have a buddy fix the hose and hope adding fluid quiets the noisy pump -
I've had this hose replaced in a recall in 2011 now I'm having the same problem again will the dealer fix it again or is it my problem.Car has 140,00 miles. -
Power steering fluid leaking. Was fixed & it stopped for 4 months, and is now leaking again! -
Power steering pressure line rusted through and dripping onto sway bar and then onto exhaust...seems earlier than most reported -
High pressure power steering hose -
replace high pressure hose -
Power steering pressure line leaks about two or three weeks after fixing has happened numerous times -
Changed the rack and pinion system, all hoses, power steering pump. cost around 300$. 5 weeks later its leaking again from 2 places. -
My impala just yesterday power steering quit and I found all the fluid was on the ground. I haven't jacked it up yet to see what the problem is but suspect it has a broken hose. -
Power steering makes noise upon start up and get louder as it is driven. Stopped the noise once with power steering fluid and leak stop but i only lasted a couple of months and noise back again. Fluid very bubbly. -
Powersteering line broke. Had no power steering but was under recall so I got it fixed for free. -
Was driving and heard a grinding noise. The futher I went the worse it was. When I reached home the steering was hard and it looked like there was not fluid. The power steering fuild holder looked like it was caving in. Have added fuild and it almost runs out going about 25 miles until needs to be refilled -
Leaked steering fluid and my rack and pinon needed replaced. Once replaced, realized the Power steering pump need to be replaced (car was making a "toy airplane" type whine when accelerating) as well. Replace the parts and the sound and "hard" steering issue went away. -
Leaking like a waterfall -
it just leaks -
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Ive added stop leak and it began to hum some. Now fluid is just leaking fast.
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