Q: HELP!! Leaking and Overheating on 1996 Dodge Grand Caravan

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Originally van was overheating. Thermostat was replaced. Van continued to overheat. A new radiator was put in. Now coolant is leaking from the bottom near the right front tire. It was not leaking there before. What could be the problem. I am continuously paying money I do not have and the problem continues. Please advise.
(3) Answers
your water pump is located right there at the front of the engine which is facing the right front tire. Your water pump being bad causes your vehicle to leak and overheat.
Coolant leaks can occur in many places, so it will need to be checked to determine where the leak is coming from. I suggest taking it back to the shop that replaced the thermostat and radiator. They need to be able to explain why there's a leak now and not before.