Headlightsgo out when dimmed on 1990 Audi V8 Quattro

this problem happened, then cured itself, and a few months later came back. When you flip to dims, the headlights go out and if the fog lights are on, they also do not light up. All other lights are normal. Flip back to brights, and the headlights come on bright, and the fog lights are not on (normal), but again, flip to dims with the fog lights on OR off, and the dim lights do not light up and the fog lights do not light up. There appears to be a relay or something in the schematic that coordinates the headlights with the fog lights, and wonder if that could be bad, and where that is located.


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usually a headlight switch. best to get diagnosed while happening.
I am back chasing the answer again and I came up with my old post, so I came full circle. I replaced the light switch with a USED one, which fixed it for a few days, then it went out again. I now have purchased a NEW light switch with a warranty and I'll replace it again. Wish I could figure out how to get the old switch off the column. Anyone help me with this??
Thanks GENE, Topeka, KS
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Hi Gene, Did you find out what the problem was with the lights? Was it the relay?