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Harsh or Delayed Shifting of Automatic Transmission on Ford Fusion

Problem Description and Possible Solution

The automatic transmission may develop shifting concerns. On lower mileage vehicles, upgrading the software in the powertrain control module (PCM) and the transmission control module (TCM) may correct the problem. As the mileage increases, internal transmission damage can occur. Repairs could involve replacement of the valve body or a complete transmission rebuild. Whenever major transmission repairs are made, it is important to be sure the PCM and the TCM have the latest software updates to help prevent these issues from reoccurring.

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Ford Fusion Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 72,037 (0–460,000)
Drive Trains affected: Automatic Transmission, Manual Transmission
12 model years affected: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, more2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017
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Delayed shifting, engine revs with little pressure on gas pedal and car lurches forward violently. Still seeking a remedy to this issue.
I have just purchased a 2012 Ford Fusion S 2.5 litre pre-owned and have been experiencing erratic shifting in my automatic transmission. Sometimes it shifts ok and sometimes it has a delayed shift almost as if it slipped between gears. Now and then it gets harsh when shifting especially if I get stuck in traffic then try to drive normally after that. What's up with this?
My car shifts really hard at times even after getting the transmission flushed. Also, it seems to change slowly at times and when you first start it, it idles really high. If you try to put it into gear while it is idled high, the car will jerk an dsound like the transmission is about to fall out.
my car suddenly, without warning , started reving really high rpmsand would NOT shift to a higher gear. this has been my problem for a year. I would not take another ford, if they gave it to me. YES TTHIS SHOULD BE A RECALL !!!! IT IS DANGEROUS!!!!!!!!
The drive train light came on Last Wednesday and the car had unusual shifting on minor grades. It was immediately driven to a Ford dealership and got an appointment 3 weeks away. NOTHING was mentioned about a possible software issue.
Too Late, the transmission is gone. Same problem as others have described in this forum. I have been a FORD man for 20 + YEARS and this is the first major problem I have ever experienced.
My sister borrowed it to drive to California and now I have to get it back to Georgia.
After reading all the issues concerning the transmission, I am sure it will require replacement.
Was there a recall?
I recently bought a '12 Fusion; it had roughly 13.5k miles on it. I'm at about 18.5k miles now. Around 15k, I noticed, at low speeds, it doesn't shift right. When I stop at a light or a stop sign and I let off the brake and barely press the gas pedal down it sort of studders and then catches itself. I notice it more after it has been idling, nothing excessive just if I get something quick from the gas station or I'm going through the drive-through.
The car is still under factory warranty, so if it can be fixed, it'll be covered. I plan on talking to my dealship Monday (currently Friday night and I'm busy all day Saturday), if not Tuesday to schedule something.
I'm not upset with Ford over this but it seems to be a common problem that should cause them to do a recall on it.
Transmission felt like it had dropped out of the car when slowing down and shifting from third to second gear. Hard shifts from first to second and second to third gear. When accelerating up hill, car down shifts and revs up to 4000-4500 rpms. The car is becoming more dangerous to drive. I have been a loyal ford customer, but I am ready to give up the car and give up on ford. They need to correct the problem and own up to theiron mistake. GM is getting criticized for their mass recalls, but they owned up to their problem. Does some one need to get killed before ford will admit a problem?
Accelerating at all and the car shudders between 2nd and 3rd. if i accelerate hard the transmission basically reboots, RPMs drop to 1k, it shudders again, and accelerates. the first time i accelerated hard, the shudder was so hard, that i jumped.
I firest started noticing my car shifting hard. This has been happening for about 3 weeks now. Last week while stopped at a traffic light I pressed on the accelerator and my car would not move. I pressed further on the gas pedal and still would not move. Felt as if my car was in neutral. I took my foot off the gas and then slowly pressed it again and it started going. Yesterday while driving through a canyon my car's RPMs kept going higher and not shifting gears. Got up to 5000 RPMs and would not shift for about 3 miles. I kept playing with my gas and brakes until it shifted.
I have noticed this on my wifes fusion. shifting from 3rd to 4th seems to be hard. the other gears are nice and smooth. what can we do about this?
transmissoion has stopped shifting into high gear. It also will not shift from los gear(from acomplete stop)into second gear without letting off the gas and then it will shift
Engine light and wrench light came on along with a box saying see manual asap. We have a 2014 Ford Fusion. The car wasn't driving any different at the time the lights came on but we had noticed a few times the car randomly shifted hard. Anyway, took car straight to dealership and they diagnosed the problem as a torque converter problem. They want $2000.00 to fix it. It has 66,700 miles and this....
From the start, I noticed that my Fusion would "kick" around 40 mph when I lifted my foot off the accelerator. I brought it to the Ford Dealer and had a technician drive it with me. He noticed it as well and said that is the way the car was. He told me it was not unusual. I have noticed the car would sometimes surge a bit, but nothing uncontrollable. Of course, it was not consistent so I couldn't bring it to the dealer when it was happening. I have just learned to tell people "This car wants to go fast" when it does this.

We did receive a recall notice for the Powertrain software update. We will be bringing it to the local dealer this week to see if this fixes the problem.
when coming to a stop the transmission shifts down so hard it feels like you have hit something.
My fusion has already had to have the transmission rebuilt and continues to have a problem now im being told its the TCM... Ford refuses to help with it saying they could fix it all for just under9k. hello lawyers! time to get someone else to deal with my headaches..
I have parked my vehicle twice, and left it to go into a building. Upon my return to my vehicle, I notice that

All the windows are down, and the sunroof is open
Same problem as everyone, although I might add this in for more information for all of us. From what I am told from a Ford dealership, the transmission (at least in my 2006 Fusion) is a MAZDA built transmission, not a Ford. To the shock of 2 Ford dealerships I carried this problem to, BOTH of them cannot even get an exploded view of the transmission, and no help from tech bulletins as to the problem! They both told me I will have to carry the Ford Fusion to a Mazda dealership to have the transmission diagnosed!

Apparently, since Mazda and Ford are married in business together, Ford protects Mazda and does not allow any technical documentation on the transmission to Ford dealers. Strange but apparently true!

I have yet to carry it to a Mazda dealership to be diagnosed but my problems are almost identical to everyone else......Shifts hard between 3rd and 4th gears. Ours however, will NOT do this when it is cold. It is only after the engine and transmission have warmed up and reached operating temperature.

Follow up-I carried my Fusion to a Mazda dealership as recommended by a Ford Dealer but not much results...Yes, Mazda has this same transmission in their 2005 and later models as with the Ford Fusions that is in the 2006 and later. The results of a $100 diagnosis from the Mazda dealership: Because of their test equipment and software not being compatible to anything on the Ford Fusion, no tests could be performed on the transmission for errors and problem flags. They recommended the exact same thing as repairpal has posted in one regard. It is possible that changing out the gear valve might solve the problem if damage has not already occurred, otherwise we are looking at a transmission rebuild. Since mine had recently had a transmission fluid change after it started doing this, metal shavings or burnt transmission fluid were not there to help solve the puzzle. Time to trade the vehicle or time to price a rebuild, that is what spending $200.00 (between a Ford and Mazda dealership) in seeking an answer yielded. Hope this helps others!
Problems with delayed shifting, engine revs, hard shifting; the transmission has been reprogramed or upgraded the software in the PCM and TCM. Recently, the fourth time in the dealership the service department attempted to reprogram, removed/cleaned up the valve body and changed out some solenoids. First year of ownership so looks like arbitration for lemon law.
Transmission started to slip when driving up a hill or giving it some throttle on the highway.
Has beeen getting worse and have had it to dealership where I purchased it new and no help there, even said they talked to regional service rep from Ford, NO HELP FROM HIM ... Wrote letter to Ford Motor Company and they told me its out of warranty and they would not do anything! I told Ford it's a known problem and it should be taken care of.
I made my dealership change my trans fluid even though they said it's not to be changed until 100,000 miles.
Do i have to be the one to tell them what i want done? Ford is not going to fix it and the dealership will
only offer to replace it for 4000 dollars because it can't be repaired, just replaced. I am dumping the car!
1/10/2014....While driving in Rapid City, SD, (December 23, 2013) the transmission would not shift (we thought the car was knocked into neutral). So, took it to a transmission repair shop and had the transmission rebuilt (had to leave the car there for two weeks and rent a car to get back to WI). Today, we just got the car back, started driving on the highway and didn't even get 200 miles down the road and now it won't shift again, so cannot drive the car over 65 miles per hour. Headed to Sioux Falls, SD to have same transmission chain look at it. Will let you know of the results.