Harsh or Delayed Shifting of Automatic Transmission on Mercury Montego

Problem Description and Possible Solution

The automatic transmission may develop shifting concerns. On lower mileage vehicles, upgrading the software in the powertrain control module (PCM) and the transmission control module (TCM) may correct the problem. As the mileage increases, internal transmission damage can occur. Repairs could involve replacement of the valve body or a complete transmission rebuild. Whenever major transmission repairs are made, it is important to be sure the PCM and the TCM have the latest software updates to help prevent these issues from reoccurring.

Problem Data
RepairPal Verified
Average mileage: 90,748 (120–180,000)
Drive Trains affected: AWD, FWD
3 model years affected: 2005, 2006, 2007
85 people reported this problem
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2005 Mercury Montego: 45,000 miles needs new transmission and already replaced engine mounts...piece of crap - no one will help. No assistance from Ford, Mercury, filed claim with NHTSA...they responded they did not have enough cases...I am going to find enough cases...I am going to contact every internet site, media outlet, etc..until someone takes care of this!
Transmission shift problem, 70% of the time starting out it shifts with a bump. Slowing down to stop the transmission makes a thump going into a lower gear. Backing up in reverse the transmission at times goes into reverse with a serious banging noise, sounds like you are about drop the transmission!

Note: also replaced a motor mount 4 months ago....04/2013.
I have had the same problem the majority of the time ive owned this car, Im the 2nd owner. bought it at 80,000 miles started hard shifts at 90,000. The problem has only gotten progressively worse over time at now 125,000 miles. Seems that the temperature affects when this problem will occur, during winter I hardly notice a problem but hot summers and the transmission gets warm there we go jerking and clunking all the time. I cannot even attempt to pass someone at highway speeds when the transmission is hot because even light acceleration will cause the transmission to miss the gear and hesitate and jerk searching for the right gear. Ford deffinately needs to recall these transmissions or at least find a fix for them, it is my understanding 2006 was the first year the 6spd automatic was put in these cars and it was the same motor and transmission used in say a ford focus or simular. If that is the case the curb weight of this car compared to a ford focus is no where near the same thus over time the transmission will get tired if it were not beefed up to contend with the extra stress on the motor and transmission.
Engine/transmission shudders & bogs down between 1500-1900 rpm when accelerating moderately. Hard shifts, and delays going into gear when leaving from a stop.
was having shifting problem for last year had it to two ford dealers one did a fix on the throttle body it didn't make any difference second ford dealer changed the fluid said they couldn't find anything wrong. Same problem took it back to the first Ford dealer told them what I had done they checked it and said the fluid smelled burnt and it had a code 67 which means they said replace the transmission.$4,600 estimate.
Took car to an independent shop they said transmission was over full adjusted the fluid level no change still down shifting very hard they did a transmission rebuild put in a rebuilt torque converter and transmission overhaul kit transmission filter and new fluid and a new motor mount because of the hard shifting. STILL NOT FIXED shifts the same way after car warms up. VERY FRUSTRATED !!!
I am the car's 2nd owner and when I first bought the car, everything was fine. But as I reached around 130k miles on the car the shifting problems began. I took it to have it serviced and saw that the universal joint in the motor mount was cracked. I thought that this was the reason why it was so jerky, well I replaced that part and that has some what fixed it, but whenever it gets to normal operating temp. the car begins to hard shifts and what not. There is a lot of stopping and going in my town as well, so that makes it even worse because once it starts the jerky rough shifts, it most definitely won't stop. I am starting to think that I should get a new car, but unfortunately I can't afford anything new right now. This is all I have.
When it heats up, it won't shift right. It will kick into neutral and Rev high and then find gear and it will knock really hard like the transmission is about to rip out. No passing gear and when I come to a stop, I have to put it in neutral so that it doesn't bounce all over place. I had to replace motor mount due to the very hard shifting. When you have to slow down and then try to speed up again, it's impossible and dangerous when this happens on a freeway.
Had my trans upgraded, did not help. Then I had the trans fluid replaced, now it has not been a problem.
Car was jerking very bad, sounded like it was going to break. Took it in and had the trans upgraded and it is better but it does it a few times on an upgrade. Why do they not make a recall and fix the problem?
I just bought this car from a Ford dealership with 25,000 miles on it. I drove it 1,000 miles and it started shifting funny and jerking. Took it to Ford and they have to totally replace my transmission. Because of the year I insisted they still let me purchase an extended warranty. I'm glad I did because I only have to pay $100 deductible on a $4,500 repair. They also gave me a loaner.
Last year I had to have work done on the transmission and now it is jumping into and out of gear when shifting. Frankly, from what I have researched the transmission should have been a recall. I already spent $2000 and now have to drop more. The car was preowned, but i bought it from a dealership and have only had it for 3 yrs.
I had the motor mount replaced being told that would fix it, but nothing has changed. Have been told that it is the transmission. Jerks and has trouble going up hills. Thought about getting a new car, but I can't afford it right now.
Same problem with change of greats harsh, looking for a recall list. I have not gotten it fix yet.
Fix the whole transmission and when it downshift it makes noises and shakes likes is going to break. No car technician was resolve the problem and no one on any Ford dealership knows what can it be or how to help. I have been a whole year without using the car cause I dont want to break the transmission and weist the $2,000 I paid trying to fix the problem.