Montero Sport

Handling Issues Due to Worn or Damaged Front Suspension or Steering Components on Mitsubishi Montero Sport

Problem Description and Possible Solution

A vibration, steering wheel shimmy, or vehicle pull to the left or right may be noted. These conditions are commonly caused by worn or damaged front suspension or steering components. Our technicians tell us that extra care should be taken to inspect the front end components often and replace any worn or damaged parts as soon as possible to try and avoid these potentially unsafe conditions.

Problem Data
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Average mileage: 137,068 (28,000–241,000)
8 model years affected: 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, more2001, 2002, 2003, 2004
32 people reported this problem
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before it reach 80,000 miles the steering wheel keep vibrating like steering going left and right. you have to hold the steering tight because it might go turn to left and right. the alignmet was done the tires was changed also but some how the steering keep moving left and right
Just bought this vehicle. It only shakes around 45mph. When I get above 50mph the shaking stops. I haven't fixed this problem yet.
Pulls to the right, all kinds of creaking sounds coming from underneath the vehicle, every once in while, a loud thud sound will be heard, these problems have been on going for months now, but most recently, check engine light came on, drove home with it on, only about a 5 minute drive, this happened Friday afternoon haven't drove it since, was planning on taking it to garage Monday morning.
shimmy, shaky, 2nd time replacing packed bearings and stabilizer bar. would love a reimbursement form Mits.
Vibration and shimmeys in the stirring wheel fix the front twofront wheel bearings then R&R new idler arm and Pitman Arm stills vibrata and shimmys in front and u can feel it in the stirring wheel
When turning left or right, the steering wheel seems to give way as if it's not turning in the direction that I intent. Sort of off centered
Left front tire had the wheel well liner rubbing the tire. I fixed the liner and rotated the tires. The left front still vibrates above 40 MPH but stops when turning right. I feel no vibration below 40 mph. I am having the alignment done this week and will see if that fixes the problem. Vehicle also pulls slightly to the right.
Shock was wore out on left side replaced with k YB front shocks sway bar end and center link bushings we're not worn out but hard as a rock which made a big difference when replacing two new soft bushings I have now purchased a complete 8-piece upper and lower ball joint set with end links , plus a dler idle control arm which should bring my vehicle back to original
Shook and shimmied starting about seven years old.. Had alignments etc. Until this was diagnosed. Had to have entire thing replaced
Steering feels very loose & unstable. Truck shakes at around 60 mpg but the loud creaking is the what is most noticeable. Creaks & squeaks driving, turning, braking, even getting in and out. Told it's a bad ball joint...estimate given was a little over $300 to repair.
Vibration at 40 mph after 40 it seems to go away don't quite understand exactly what this is. (1999 Montero sports)