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Q: Grinding when shifting into 2nd, 3rd on 2000 Audi TT Quattro

When I run the car cold (as it needs to be), and I shift into 2nd, it get an audible grind (but the gear catches fine). As the car warms up, the sound disappears completely on 2nd gear shift. Occasionally, I'll feel the gears grind when I shift into 3rd (hot or cold engine). Is it my clutch? Or my transmission? Would it need to be rebuilt, or can this be fixed by changing the tranny fluid?
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Change the fluid first. Amsoil has some good syncro-mesh that works well. I use it in the M3 race car.
We've seen this before, it's most likly the #1 and #2 syncros. The problem is, they are brass and after a while they become more egg shape then round. You can try to adjust, but 90% of the time you have to replace the syncros. I hope this helps. Take care.
I've had a 1.8 tt for 10 years and at first I hated them now I know its amazing and if you want you can really make them fast beating anything. The gear grinding things the problem and all tt owners seem to have this same problem I got together with a bunch and we found out 90% of the time you just need to a just the 2 shifter cables underneath the battery plate so it's litter just taking the battery out tighten 2 spring loaded cables and put the battery back in. Hopefully you did find the sync risk to nubs it happens but there probably good enough. And it won't bother you again if you rebuild that tranny or replace the clutch without trying to a just those cable first you will hate this care and spend 2 to 5k replacing tranny and clutch grinding gears all mad.. hopefully you herd this early enough I've seriously beat on my tranny and clutch and put on 175k thus has been my Ony problem and always was til I figured out those stupid cables. Good luck man its on you tube as well there's a great video don't rebuild it spend the 1500 on a chipped ecu cat back exhaust and intake weather it's the awd or fwd or the fwd 1.8 180 do that and you push 240 hp on the 180 and seriously beat anything g as its a goat cart that's safe pushing turbo and 240 hp you'll smash on m3s all day my 1.8 fwd 2001 will beat a vettte most likely most lambos. Handle better than anything like it's on train tracks. It does run a 11 sec quarter mile that was before the uograded turbo i just installed yesterday so now im sure ill take a lambo Just keep up on maintenance and dont like any luxury car but this one happens to be a fricking race car go cart just watch a you tube video it makes me sad to see people get so nasty over this little car that just has a fussy clutch cable and think there new AMG or m5 is better when really you can beat them so badly so quickly and for more than half the price. Hope you got that in time worse case it's not your tranny just the whole clutch kit you can buy for 350 online laber will be 100 a hour if you can't do it yourself wich is still worth it I just spent that money I see people giving the mechanics and dealership and easily made the fastest tt that exist and I'm in my car 6500 with my maintenence upkeep included beating 250,000 cars and just needed 20 min to a just the two cables under the battery plate but if I had thought all this and spent all this money fixing this car that never would fix I'd into the lake turned out to be a very simple fun and extremely fast reliable car just don't believe all this stuff you here all luxury cars are the same to fix.. I'll probably get 250 out of this one and its been drove like a Nascar the whole time
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