Grinding noise on GMC Sierra 2500 HD

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I have a 2003 GMC Sierra 2500HD extended cab pickup truck. When driving for a period of time on a highway and i decelerate there is a grinding sound in the rear portion of the vehicle. When i tap the gas pedal it goes away. Recently i put the truck in reverse and there was another grinding sound and the truck didnt goe into reverse. Otherwise the vehicle shifts fine in all gears. Please Help

When accelerating, there is grinding noise that sound like it is coming from the transfer case, it doesn't always happen but it happens very frequently. Also noticed a leak from where the yoke goes into the transfer case

I have a vibration and a humming noise coming from the front saspention, it only happens if I am driving 40 miles an hour and up.If I veer left the noise stops.Forward an veering to the right is when I hear the noise.The noise happens even if I'm drifting in neutral.And I feel it a little in the stearing wheel.No codes from does seem to get louder the faster I go. I have all new tires,one month old.My transmission seems to get a little warmer than usual.

vehicle makes a grinding noise when you let off accelerator goes away when you tap the gas

Started a grinding noise after driving about 40 miles after a tuneup. Never happened before. Never happens in short trips under 20 miles. Just after about 40 miles and gets loud with metal against metal sound. Doesn't lose any power and rives fine while making this noise.