Fuel pump failure after long period of driving 200 plus miles on Nissan Titan

Average mileage: 125,659 (90,057–165,000)
3 model years affected: 2004, 2005, 2008
6 people reported this problem
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2005 Nissan Titan97,000
yes, a common problem with the mighty Titan.. After 120 or more constant driving miles the fuel pump starts to fail. I had my Titan to two different mechanics and at the dealer once and they all couldnt tell me what I already suspected.. The fuel pump was the problem and still is. Going to replace it after my next fun repair of the starter that just took a dump on me.. Who in there right mind would put a starter under the intake manifold? What rocket scientist thought of this one? Not only do you have to remove the intake but the injector tubes and not to mention draining the coolant.. Ive been really happy with my purchase of my Mighty Titan sense '05 till here in the past 6 weks that I have put $1400 into her and now its the rocket enginierd starter.. If she wasnt paid for I think I would let her go.. oh ya, just put up with that anoying clicking under the dash. No matter how much you put into replacing the problem it will just keep coming back time after time, and yes, after time.. good luck
2005 Nissan Titan165,000
Truck wants to turn over but doesn't seem to be getting any gas. Fuel pump has been replaced 3 times now and wiring harness once. We are at our wits end after not even having the truck 1 year and putting $2500 + in it.
Rpm's and speed flattened out , slight bucking in rpm, during wide open throttle car wouldn't accelerate. Suspect it to be fuel pump as well according to TSB # 07-040. This was also at the end of a 120 mile trip in which I hit traffic and it took me 4 hours. Problem is gone this morning but I will be changing the fuel pump.
2005 Nissan Titan146,000
I was on a 650 mile drive home, up I-75, went to pass another vehicle about halfway there, and suddenly had no power to accelerate. I have played with this issue many of times, as I travel constantly. From what I have learned, if you 'baby' your beast of a truck (no extreme acceleration, or maintaining speeds above 75 mph while climbing hills, etc) it will not present this issue, or will present it much later in the travelling. Recently, however, while on a local highway with a friend in his turbo diesel of a beast, challenged me in my titan. We both took off, and my truck bucked at about 4.5K RPMs. Didn't stall, wouldn't accelerate. Let off the gas a touch, and she bolted. There's a sweet spot to find with the pump, per se. I will be replacing my fuel pump as soon as possible, however, since it's just under load, I have put 5000 miles on my Titan since this issue showed it's face.
after about 200 miles of constant driving vehicle would jerk very badly as if transmission were slipping. Just found a TSB for pump failure under full acceleration. replaced no problems since- pending
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