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fuel blow back on Jeep Wrangler

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I recently bought a 2010 Jeep Wrangler and found that it has a fuel back flow issue. Every time I refuel, the gasoline blows back out upon removal of the gas nozzle. Gasoline gets on the ground, on me, as well as the paint and bumper of the vehicle. This appears to be a safety problem, let alone an environmental hazard. When inquiring into the fix I have been told that the entire gas tank assembly needs to be replaced at quite a high cost. (Of course my Jeep is out of warranty.) Due to the potential liability I wouldn't be surprised if there's not a class action lawsuit impending.
Mine stopped just short of overflowing, but now my entire garage has a terrible gas odor!!!
worst vehicle I have owned for this specific problem. I haven't wasted this much gas in the last 3 vehicles combined. The only solution I have is to know the tank holds 18 gallons, when low fuel light comes on it has between 1 and 2 gallons left. So, I let it fill as fast as possible until it gets to 14.5 gals or so and finish the rest with the "barely squeeze and let it trickle" method. Pain in the rear but saves the pint of gas that spills all over my paint job.

Seems to me this check valve thing should be considered a safety recall. What happens if the vehicle turns over? Does gas just keep running out?

Mine is not fixed yet. Looking for a fix I can afford.
Splash back upon filling. Gas filler nozzles do not shut off as with other vehicles. This causes significant safety hazard to the fueler and other in the immediate area as gasoline flows down the side of the vehicle and onto the ground before gas filler nozzle can be released. Jeep/Daimler Chrysler has refused to acknowledge this deadly flaw.
This has happened to me many times. I now listen for that (getting close to being full sound) and reference my gallons pumped as I start backing off on the fuel handle...dang it still happens sometimes. I now make it a point to only fill-up when I'm on my way home from work so I can wash up afterwards.
Sucks. Always have to use the windshield cleaner at the pump to wash off residue after splash back.
Every Jeep I have ever owned does this, once it is full, it is full don't keep trying to pump that few more cents to top off the dollar amount.
Just purchased my Unlimited and if I leave the pump catch engaged at the highest flow rate it will spill out on the ground at the end of fueling. Have had good luck disengaging the catch near the end of fill-up and putting on the slowest fill rate. Have not attempted to actually fix the problem.
when you fill the tank up it will not cut the pump off when full it will blow out of the tank everywhere
when i top up the fuel tank gas splashes on my hand, feet and the pavement. the dealership said this is due to a faulty check valve in the gas tank and that this would cost approx. $1350 to replace the tank as the check valve cannot be removed from the tank. because i thought it was a problem with the gas pumps at the fuel stations i did nothing about it until i read about this type of problem on the internet. i had hoped there was a recall as this is a big environmental problem. so far no recall. due to cost i have not had my tank replaced. i no longer top up the tank ,only filling it part way to avoid the blow back.