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Front Brake May Stick, Bind, or Grab on Ford F-250

Problem Description and Possible Solution

The front brakes may stick, bind, or grab. This can happen when the front brake caliper pins become corroded. Cleaning or replacing the caliper pins will be necessary to correct this problem.

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Ford F-250 Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 120,333 (58,000–195,000)
4 model years affected: 1990, 1991, 1992, 1995
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front right brake caliper was constantly engaged and caused dragging and excessive heat. replaced the whole caliper
I started hearing a horrible scraping sound from the driver's front brake. I shut the motor off and let it roll and had the same noise. I looked and noticed the pad was more rusted than the other which was shined. Afraid to drive it that way I topped off the brake fluid which was lower than it looked like it indicated without opening it. That was months ago and I have not heard the noise again. I may try adjusting this brake. The brakes work good but there is a lot of pedal play (they dont engage until the pedal is nearly at the floor. There are several places where the brakes can be bled including some intermediate unit attached along the frame. I suppose I could just start bleeding starting with the master cylinder, to that weird unit between the front brakes to the drivers brake front, passenger front, drivers rear, and then the last?
I did check today while looking for a sending unit or direct line to the oil pressure gauge which suddenly started going all over the place (in the low range). The motor (351W) is a new crate motor with only 8000 miles. I was sure it was not the motor because when it was a idle the needle went up and when accelerating it would go off the scale to the low. So I am wondering if I have a sending unit (which I cant find) or a true oil pressure gauge with a supply of oil going to the gauge. I could just live with this but the true oil pressure is important to me. I have really bad eyesite with one nearly dead eye so I am having trouble finding even what type gauge it is. If I cant get an answer I might purchase a true gauge of oil pressure but as of now I would not know where to install it in the motor.