Q: Freeze plugs ?? on 1991 GMC S15 Jimmy

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I put a used motor in my truck and had checked the freeze plugs out installed new one's in the rear of the motor but for the life of me cant remember where the others are located or how many I have a leak on the drivers side of the motor but the one freeze plug that is in plain sight is dry as a bone , so how many and where are they ????
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I can't tell you haw many freeze plugs there are, and it doesn't matter. You need to put on your mechanic's hat and get your flashlight and mirror. Trace the leak to the source, and fix that whatever it is.
I am sorry but I think I have traced it to the freeze plug behind the motor mount thanks for the input on a motor you apparently don't know , but if you did you would know that there is 9 in my motor and that there is other issues that can be examined for the issues at hand but thank you for the input >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>