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Failure of Front Turn Signal and DRL Bulbs on Cadillac STS

Problem Description and Possible Solution

The front turn signal and and daytime running light bulbs are prone to premature failure. Our technicians tell us that these bulbs can be very difficult to replace.

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Cadillac STS Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 70,804 (22,400–188,911)
6 model years affected: 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, more2009, 2010
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Intermittent failure of drivers side front turn signal with fast signal indicator. Signal lamp is out when it happens, but rears are fine. No repeating indicators or causation, simply stops working at random intervals.
The left turn signal in the front works one moment than while driving around for a while it doesnt work
Dealer initially replaced the bulb. It either went bad or something else was wrong because it stopped working within a week. Have taken it back in and they are thinking the socket is bad, not sure of the outcome yet but it's interesting to know others have had this issue.
we to have had to replace the lights within in 2 months of each side failing. the passenger side is VERY difficult to replace as you have to remove the front bumper and side panel. the local Cadillac dealership quoted me $550 to replace the bulb! my step dads brother who is a mechanic was ablt to replace it in a couple hours!
Driver's side front turn signal bulb is out. It's one sweet pain in the ass to have to take the bumper off to replace a orange colored turn signal bulb.

This has to be a CHINESE engineered design. They offer CHEAP way for manufacturing, but as a result, maintenance to simply change a turn signal light bulb is very labor intensive. This is where owners quickly realize how China has used its persuasive talents in cutting costs in manufacturing, without concern for General Motors and the CADILLAC Corporation for the repercussions it will have in owners, never again wanting to own another Cadillac.

Clever move by China to slip this in on Cadillac Corporate officers. They sold the Corporate brass on a design and increased manufacturing productivity to reduce labor costs in manufacturing. What the Chinese have done, is to plant a time bomb in the design of these cars, where lights will need replacing and owners will be shocked at having to disassemble the car by removing the bumper, in order to get access to the turn signal lights.

Board members at Cadillac are setting back fat and happy with the increased profit margins on the new cars, but totally unaware as to what the standard maintenance on these cars require in time and labor costs to the car owners.

I know the sales pitch by the Chinese; "How much you pay?" .... "Oh... You pay too much" ... "Chinese engineers can change the design to increase your profits"

There is no question as to the sabotage in design that the Chinese have designed into the Cadillac cars. I just can't believe the management at Cadillac could be so stupid. It just boggles my mind.
Have had to replace both in little over a year...Lucky I can replace myself but still a pain.
Passenger running light works sometimes but mostly not. When I use the turn signal to go Right it blinks rapidly. I can see it working in the rear but it's not actually blinking in the front. Is an intermittent problem right now. Thinking turn signal switch is going out.