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Failure of Front Turn Signal and DRL Bulbs on Cadillac SRX

Problem Description and Possible Solution

The front turn signal and and daytime running light bulbs are prone to premature failure. Our technicians tell us that these bulbs can be very difficult to replace.

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Cadillac SRX Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 79,510 (10,000–198,000)
7 model years affected: 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, more2008, 2009, 2010
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Both front turn signals are currently out. This is the 3rd time for both. The tires/wheels have to be removed to access the light housing...there is no other way! Each repair requires about an hour per side and $200-$300, in labor. This problem is pathetic and expensive. Was there ever a recall for this?
Need a recall on the daytime running light and signal light...Just change this bulb in May 2012 and it out AGAIN..UPSET CUSTOMER
I have a passenger turn signal bulb that burned out it will cost $149.00 in labor and $8.00 for the bulb. This has been a problem with the srx for many years. I feel that this would call for a class action suit, as Cadillac completely ignored this problem.

The other problem is the replacement of the cabin filter that has cost me $100.00 to replace,after I purchased the filter.
I've owned my SRX for 1 year, and my third DRL/Blinker has just blown out. Replacement - $100 at dealer, $56 at Strauss Auto.
Has anyone tried the PUTCO Nova LED, replacement? It's expensive, but comes with a (lifetime warranty)?
After extensive research I have learned to have the socket changed as well as the bulb. The sockets apparently get overheated over time and become brittle giving no protection to the bulb and causing the bulbs to overheat prematurely thus making them burn out faster.I spoke to the service manager at the dealer and after being "firm" with him got him to only charge the $125 for both bulbs and sockets. It's apparently easier for them to take off the bumper, do the repair, and replace the bumper than to get into the removing the tire and wheel well covers method. Hope it helps all of you other frustrated srx owners.
We have replaced front turn signals 3 times in 2011. My display panel will malfunction. It goes blank or has just blank orange lines thru it. Soon after one or the other turn signal lights stops working. We have also replaced the electrical cables that go the the lightbulbs. The wheel must be removed before the light bulb can be reached. Who designed this nightmare!??!?!?!?!??!?!
Both of My front turn signals have gone out. The switch is blinking really fast. Had the driver side changed about 8 months ago. Now both are out and I don't know what the problem is. The fuses checked out to be good. Seeing things like check Sockets, relay switch, electrical. Just confused and font know what to do. Don't want to spend a ton of money just on trying to figure it out. Also noticed instrument panel blinked just one time.
Both turn signal bulbs have been replaced within the last 3 months. Unfortunately, the only repair shop that was willing to repair them was a Cadillac dealership. Total cost to replace each bulb was $199 primarily due to labor costs.
running light/directional signal blow out/go out. Changed the bulb three times in two months, takes about 1 hour to get to the bulb. Just attempted to replace it again and the bulb worked once I removed it and plugged it back in. Put the whole project back together and the bulb failed in 2 hours. Please help me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My front turn signals have gone out three times in a year. I got to the point now that I have not corrected the problem because it will just be a waist of money which I do not have just for it to go out and need to be repaired again.
for all you Cadillac SRX owners, if you want to stop the problem of the daytime running light & turn signal lights burning out, disable the running light element by cutting the contact for the running light. The problem is the running light is on all the time, and acts like a toaster oven to melt everything from the heat. You will still have the turn signal lights working. You can remove the front bumper in about 10min., this will give you full access to both R&L lights without removing the wheels & fender liner. this video will help
Same problem, turn signal lights continue to fail on average of 4 to 6 weeks. Observed bulb to still be functional but the plastic attach portion of the bulb is burned/melted around one wire contact of the bulb preventing contact with the socket and failure of the bulb to light. Appears that there is too much current being sent to the bulb, or the bulb or socket are not correctly engineered. Dealer states they know nothing about the problem. I even put a replacement socket in the right side. It lasted a couple of months. Rather poor design and even worse dealer support.
I have the same problem as everyone. To stop the problem, you can disable the Daytime running lights. The running lights (on all the time) gets so hot that it melts the base of the bulb and in some cases melts the the base of the light assembly. The two element bulb will still operate the turn signal.
replaced bulbs myself several times. Takes about 90 minutes once you know what to do. First time about 3 hours. The bulbs are fine but the socket corrode and need to be cleaned. I tap my outlide caps with a small rubber mallot a few times each week when they refuse to work. Next time, I'll replace the sockets and replace with LEDs.
Driver side turn signal and marker lights keep burning out. I've had the turn signal replaced twice in 3 weeks. Longest one lasted a week, shortest one lasted a day...
Passenger side blinker bulb went out after replacement 6 months ago. Pep Boys wanted $125 to replace bulb. After reading folks comments hmmm this might be a bargain. Worst design ever. Will not buy another Caddy again. I had many other issues besides this one.

In contrast I replaced my Honda Accord's lowbeam bulb in a minute. Simple DIY.
My signal blinker has died twice in less than a year. It took well over 2 hours for a friend to fix it and will cost about 100.00 in labor if I choose to fix it this time! This car is the WORST CAR EVER!!!