Failed Cooling Fan Module May Cause Fan to Run Constantly or Not At All on Mazda MPV

Problem Description and Possible Solution

The cooling fan module can fail causing the fan to either run constantly, or not operate at all. If the fan runs continuously, the engine may not warm up properly, and if the fan does not run, the engine may overheat. Mazda has a voluntary recall on model years 2002-2003 to address this concern. Please click here to find a Mazda dealer near you.

Problem Data
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Average mileage: 121,028 (13,600–232,175)
7 model years affected: 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, more2004, 2005, 2006
125 people reported this problem
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My fan keeps on blowing as soon as i start my engine, and pretty much as long as my engine is running the fan keeps on blowing hard and when i turn my engine off sometimes the fan still running..
Cooling fan stays on as soon as I start the engine and sounds very loud. I've seen a recall for this on Mazda MPV 2000-03, but not for my 2006 and it's the same problem!! Dealer said it's going to cost me $300 to fix.. They should have fixed this issue already if every year since 2000 been having the same problem!!!
The fan continues to run even after the car is shut off and all the while it is running. This has drained the battery on many occasions. I figured out a trick to get it to shut off though. When turning the ignition off, if it stays running, just flick the ignition back on, but no so far as to start the car, and then back off. This usually does the trick. There is a recall I found, that may apply to your vehicle. Don't take no for an answer from your local Mazda dealer/repair center. This is a defect and should be taken care of by them.
1-fan runs constantly even after the engine is turned off. Now it does not run at all
2. Ceck engine light is on-sporadic
3. clutch is failing or sounds like it
Fan runs from the turn of the key at erratic sppeds, mostly high, right until i shut the car. Car at the time has no a/c on or is in danger of overheating
I have the same problem. When I turn on the car the cooling fan turns on and stays on all the time. I have a 2005 Mazda MVP.
My fans are on all the time. Even with the ignition on (but the car stopped) fans will run. Due to this issue I am unable to complete the catalyst monitor in Oder to pass smog check verification in California. I replaced the fan control module one from another car. I also have a power sliding door issue and the check engine light bulb is blown. I'm thinking it may be a PCM issue.
Fan was running most of the time at one point fan stopped but a day later came back on. Just last night fan stopped and does not come on I had the fan checked it works but module is faulty. I contacted the dealer and also called 800 number customer care they refused to replace or just provide a module even at lower cost .
My fan stays on after I cut my car off and it drains my battery. It sounds like a lawnmower it is so loud when it is running and goes from high speed to low speed over and over extremely loud. I called a dealership about it and they told me the recall was closed on the fan control module that was done in 07 but mine is still doing it.
My Mazda 6 v6 2010 Model has this exact same problem. The dealership says they have to replace the entire fan assembly at a cost of $1,275 and that this is not covered under the 100,000 mile extended warranty on my certified pre-owned car.