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Ford Thunderbird Extended Warranty on Ford Ignition Coils

Ford Thunderbird Problem
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Model Years Affected: 1997, 2003, 2004, 2005

Average Mileage: 55,794 mi (14,253 mi - 150,000 mi)


There may be an extended warranty on the ignition coils - see your  Ford Dealer for more information-Thanks John B for this information!

  • , , 25,900 mi

    Same problem--when you take it to the dealer refer to Ford Extended Warrenty -- # 07M07 --
    It is 100,00 mi. or 10 years. Coil Packs

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  • , , 40,000 mi

    Engine would skip badly upon acceleration in high gear. Originally I thought it was "bad gas" and fact that car was only driven a couple of thousand miles per year. Problem eventually became so bad I took it to a certified repair shop (we have no Ford dealers near by). At about 45,000 miles they replaced one coil pack and cleaned fuel injection. Now after driving about 2,000 additional miles, the skipping problem is occuring again. I never received any notices about coil problems from Ford. I purchased the car new from Ford dealer who like most small town dealers are out of business. I will try and locate a Ford dealer tommorrow. Addition: went to Ford Dealer(40 miles away), informed by warranty supervisor I had no recourse as warranty expired. He stated that Ford notified owners previously. I never received any info from Ford! Guess I am s.o.l. They quoted approx. $200 per coil for diagnosis and replace.

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  • , , 110,000 mi

    My T-Bird started misfiring at about 85,000 miles. Took it to Ford Dealer and they replaced a couple of coils. Problem continued. After multiple visits to the dealership over a period of two months and 7 out of 8 coils replaced the problem was repaired. They also told me that they replaced a seal on my wiper motor somehow water was getting to the plugs. (Not sure what that has to do with it.) At 105,000 I took my T-Bird through a car wash and the problem came back. I have had sparatic instances with the engine missing again especially during accelleration on hills. I will be headed back to the Ford Dealership to have it looked at again, unfortunately the 100,000 mile warranty extension for this issue has expired.

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  • , , 78,912 mi

    I also had problems which turned out to be ignition coils. Ended up having 5 different coils replaced on 3 different occasions earlier this year, and was not qualified for extended warranty as it had been slightly over 10 years since I purchased the car. I think all eight should have been replaced and should be covered under the extended warranty as this is obviously a product defect and I was given no advance warning about the potential problem.

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  • , , 57,182 mi

    While driving the car without warning I loss power. Previous to losing power I was going 50 miles per hours and was close to being rear ended because of how quickly it happens. I normally take this car on the highway but fortunately I was on surface streets when is happened. This is the second time I've taken my car to Ford to have it repaired. Each time they will only repair the coils that are not functioning properly. What are they waiting for someone to get killed?

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  • , , 42,750 mi

    Have been having exact same problem. Told it's two coils and codes are 07/M07 and 07/N09. Unfortunately the warranty expired at 10 years or 100K miles. Unreal that I missed this. I received no notice about it and am connected to Ford owner site since I purchased car for notifications....nothing was or is on there. Purchased car August 2012. I called them about it. They said they would place a note in about it and if enough people call them they may extend it further. Call 800-392-3673 (FORD) make sure you have VIN and mileage to give them. They also said if anyone has already paid for it and they extend it (KEEP RECEIPTS) and you will likely be reimbursed.

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  • , , 73,000 mi

    My 2003 T-bird has had a few instances of hesitation when accelerating. It feels as if the car has died but it's still running. Within a few seconds the accelerator starts working again. That has happened about 6 times in 3 weeks. I took it in and 'of course' it didn't happen when they drove it. Today it happened again. Then about an hour later my check engine light came on. I had never seen that light before. I pulled over, read my manual (don't remember if it was flashing or not). i turned my car back on and it drove light on. It's been over 100 degrees here the past 10 days so the A/C has been cranking. Don't know if that has anything to do with it.

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  • , , 150,000 mi

    Clearing a trouble code on my car. Replacing coil pack was recommended. After that the code cleared.

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  • , , 70,000 mi

    Have same problem. Only when the engine gets up to temperature. Had 2 coils replaced but didnt help. Could this be related to cam shaft sensor or VVT solenoid as it only happens when at low rpm. Shift gears seems to help as RPMs are higher.

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  •  Rookie

    Have had problems with the coils since the car was brand new.
    in 2008 we had them put a new engine in (at our own expense) since the car had to repeatedly go into the shop for repairs and they couldn't ever tell us what was wrong or if it would come back.
    The problems still returns repeatedly, but now they say that we have to pay for the coil replacement ourselve because it's been more than 10 years since we bought the car.
    This is one of three Fords that we currently own and have owned others in the past.
    Since Ford is not providing a permenant solution to the problem, we probably won't be buying any more....Too bad since prior to this we have been loyal Ford customers.

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