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Ticking Noise From Engine Due to Cracked Exhaust Manifold on Toyota Sequoia

Problem Description and Possible Solution

A ticking noise may develop from the engine due to a cracked exhaust manifold. Damaged exhaust manifolds will require replacement to correct this issue.

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Toyota Sequoia Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 116,044 (20,000–205,000)
8 model years affected: 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, more2005, 2006, 2007, 2012
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There is a ticking when accelerating in my SUV. The dealer tells me this ticking is normal, but it keeps getting louder. How dangerous is this situation?
I didnt know at first, but after numerous trips to the repair ship and $1,000's in dollars spent on oxygen sensors, etc....someone finally explained to me it was a leaky exhaust manifold...and it would be 2-$3,000 to fix. the kicker is that with that issue causing the ck engine light to come on, it triggers the car to shut off the VSC system, causing those two lights to show up. ive been drivinf it like this for 100,000 miles...but I refuae to get someth I ng fixed that should be a recall item. not sure abt buying toyota again....
ticking sound from exhaust when cold it gets better when warm I see so many est for 2000-3000 for repair but I found a set of new manifolds for under $300 this repair is something a majority of people could do themselves I would think, Ugh I hate to see so many people get over charged for simple repairs
ticking sound when the car first starts up......ive learned to live with it the sound goes away when the car warms up
First dealer identified the problem as a "sticky lifter". The second identified the problem correctly as a cracked exhaust manifold and made the repair free of charge. Now at 120,000 miles the problem has occurred again.
Sounds like a woodpecker is in my engine when I accelerate. Only does it first thing in the morning. Repair quoted at more than $2000. I am deciding whether or not to proceed with the repair.
my mechanic has told me that since my manifold has cracked that my 02 sensor is bad and my cadillac converters have failed.
We've noticed the same problem for a couple of months now. Car is still under warranty so we are getting that ticking noise checked out ASAP. It only happens when starting engine at initial take off (when car hasn't been driven for a few hours), then it goes away. Hope it's nothing major because we really enjoy our Toyota.
Actually I heard this ticking problem when I first bought the vehicle. I have a 12000 mile warranty on the vehicle but was unsure of what is causing the ticking sound. The dealer looked at it and thinks it could be a leaking manifold. The problem at the time is if it is not a leaking manifold, I would have to foot the whole bill myself at a tune of $1200.00 to $2000.00. At 174,000 miles I am getting the VSC and TRAC off light that comes on intermittently. Now I am sure that the manifold is causing the issue. It is probably throwing off one of the Oxygen sensors which caused the lights to come on. I will pay much more attention to the braking system as well just to be sure to rule the system out. I will also check the codes on the vehicle, but the lights don't stay on all the time. when you turn off the vehicle, the light goes out and stays out, until it comes back on again. I will investigate and see most likely changing the Manifold system. October 28, 2014
Clicking sound when car first starts. Goes away after car heats up. Told the Manifold seal was bad, $3,500 to fix. Nothing done yet.
Ticking noise exhaust pipes under the car cracking open and catalytic converter repeatedly.
Just started hearing distinct ticking noise coming from engine this week. Have not had it looked at yet.
I have the clicking on my engine i dunno if i still can get
The free replacement from Toyota with the recall..?
Ticking noise when the car first starts and disappears when it heats up. Sometimes there's an exhaust smell too in the car.
Not fixed yet, diagnostic was $500.00 for 2 days in mechanic's shop. Repair estimate $2,500-$3,000USD!