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Ticking Type Noise From Exhaust Manifold Area on Dodge Durango

Problem Description and Possible Solution

A ticking type noise may develop, most noticeable when the engine is cold. This is commonly caused by one or more broken exhaust manifold bolts. Our technicians recommend to replace the broken bolts as needed, also the exhaust manifold gaskets should be replaced at this time.

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Dodge Durango Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 109,584 (1–266,613)
Exhaust & Emissions affected: 4.7L V8
14 model years affected: 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, more2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012
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i just started haveing this problem it should be repaired by a dodge dealer not me because it seems to be a commom problem from the car maker why do you pass this problem on to the customer when you should put out a recall order and fix your self you already know it a problem
I have this problem right now. I have a 2003 dodge durango 4.7 and Im looking for a website that I can find the exhaust manifold and bolts to go with it. Can anyone help me please. I have been searching online and cant find the bolts and sheild to go with it.
I replaced the right side gasket and bolts on exhaust manifold and now the left side is doing the same thing. The place that did the work on the right side said that this is very common problem due to the poor design of the heat shields placed in the engine compartment. My question is why isn't this on recall? It is expensive for the owner and I wonder if eventually exhaust fumes could come into the cab if you did not have it fixed.
Always ticks when engine is first started or idling. Tick subsides after driving for a little while.
When I first heard the noise, I thought it was the exhaust manifold gasket only. Upon doing a little research, I learned that the 4.7 has a very bad design for its exhaust manifold. So, early on sat morning, I went to the local Dodge dealer and purchased a complete set of new bolts and a gasket which ran me $37.20 for everything. There are 2 short and 2 long outside manifold bolts wich also serve as the heat sheild bolts, the 2 long bolts go towards the rear of the manifold, 4 inside bolts, all the same size for the center of the manifold, 2 manifold flange nuts and bolts and 4 heat sheild bolts. Both rear bolts and one front bolt were broken. Front one I had enough to extract with a pair of vice grips. The rear bolts had to be drilled and taken out with a bolt extractor. Easy enough to remove wheel well for access instead of trying to go in from the top. Total job took about 5 hours but I was not about to pay Dodge between $500.00 and $700.00 to fix this well known problem.
started to hear clicking sound under the roght side of the hood whenever I give it gas. The engine could be hot/cold. Sounded like an old fashion motorcycle or a straw attached to a kids bike spoke to make that then cool sound. The tech notified me that 3 bolts on the manifold gasket have broke ....ouchhhh this vehicle has cost me over $4K in repairs since I got it used less than 2 yrs ago. Now not only do I have to replace these bolts, BUT, also the left front bearings too. When ever I turn the wheel you can hear a grinding. Originally though it was the brakes (brakes/pad/caliphers)that I had replaced 6 months ago.

This is truly the worse vehicle I've ever owned and wouldn't recommend anyone to buy.
I didn't know what that ticking sound was, I thought my vehicle was getting old and worn. I kept brushing it off till it started getting loud and louder. I had it checked and found out the manifolds on both sides had holes and the heat shields were gone. It's a shame Dodge doesn't have a recall on this, and I will not buy another Durango again just because dodge did not care enough about there customers to take care of this common problem, but surely push there products on us. This is all because of there faulty bolts.
Had 2005 Durango in Fort Collins Dodge dealership for routine 60,000 mile service. Noted on receipt: "exhaust manifold leaking". However I have not noted "ticking sound" when engine cold. Should I take this to an exhaust/muffler shop to have exhaust system checked for a second opinion?
I started hearing the "tapping" in my 4.7L H.O. '06 dakota upon startup and acceleration when cold. Took it to my dodge dealer and said it was $500 to fix. Wasnt sure if it was something I could do myself.
lower rear bolt broke on the drivers side. i work at midas, its not the loud i'm just too sick of fixing everyone elses to fix mine. simple fix: i put a cherry bomb on it(only because my wife wasn't cool with the straight pipe), it drowns out the ticking noise and sounds tough.
My Truck current on all maintance. Out of no where the driver sider front two bolts just snaped off
Started as a ticking noise, but just during acceleration. Local dealer replaced broken bolts on passenger side and replaced gasket. $450 total, with majority for labor. Sound is gone and 5.7 engine runs great.
Hear a ticking noise at start of vehicle. 2 bolts on passenger side and 2 also on drivers side. I also had my instrument cluster replaced. Hoping no powertrain issues ahead but have noticed signs o this in the past. Come on Chrysler, make a vehicle safe and dependable so Durangos need vehicle maintance for normal wear/use. Not because of improper installation. Grrrrr.... Mad mom in Wi..
I started hearing a ticking. I thought it was a valve. Come to find out that manifold gasket on passenger side was blown. Pulled manifold and found out that the manifold itself was eat up and would not take another gasket.This truck has only 60,000 miles on it. Always been garage kept and still like new. I am very pissed that as much as i paid for this truck that it has this problem. I am also going to pull the left side and replace it.Two manifolds gaskets bolts and labor cost more than a thousand dollars. I will be sending dodge the old sorry ass parts with a bill. Dodge put in a recall or be sued. By me.

Warren Alexander 252-333-7119.
I am having the same problem with my 2006 limited durango. Inspection shows 2 broken studs on heat shield and 2 broken bolts on passenger side of manifold.
ticking sound when cold / found rear to exhaust manifold bolts broken off in heat shield causing noise. replaced all bolts and exhaust gasket.
drivers side bolts broke. haven't done anything about it yet because i'm a mechanic and my car is falling apart. i put a cherry bomb on it, and u don't hardly hear it.