Q: Evaporative Emission Control on 2000 Toyota Echo

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Our 2000 Toyota Echo's check engine light came on. Our code key search said it was evaporative emission system. So what part needs to be replaced? I called O'Reiley and they said it was a factory or salvage part.
We replaced the gas cap and did the smoke test through our local repair shop. I will have to call them to see what it was.
(2) Answers
If you leave the Gas Cap loose it will give you this trouble code before replacing anything i would check the gas cap clear the codes and if it comes back on you will have to check the Evap system to see where the leak is coming from you can achieve this with a smoke machine tester.
I had the same problem. Mine turned out to be a hose that had popped off. This hose is on the air box where the air filter is located. I popped it back on and cleared the code. That was about 2000 miles ago. I'm guessing it happened during inspection (value added service where they check the filters.. THANKS GUYS)
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