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Engine Oil Light Diagnosis Cost




$88 to $111
National Average
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Best Practices
  • The engine oil light can illuminate due to low oil pressure, a defective pressure sender or a problem with the wiring for the oil warning light. Diagnosing this problem will require checking the oil level, oil quality and oil pressure. If the oil pressure is OK, then a diagnosis of the sender, wiring and gauge will be performed.

  • If the oil light is on, it's best to avoid driving so as to avoid possible engine damage. Check the oil level and add oil if needed. Then have a shop diagnose the issue to avoid any future problems.

Common Symptoms
  • If the incorrect type of oil is used, the oil pressure can drop too low and cause the oil light to come on.

Common Misdiagnoses
  • Some vehicles can have internal oil system seals that leak, which will cause low oil pressure. Failure to identify these leaks can lead to the replacement of un-needed parts.