Q: error code P0102 on 1997 Chevrolet 2500 Pickup

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I replaced the MAF checked for torn boots and vacuum leaks and everything looks good. I replaced my stock air intake with a spectra cold air intake system which required me to lengthen the wires to the MAF. All the connections look and feel good and are hooked up properly. Could to big of a gauge of wire cause more resistance than typical? Or did I just make a big mistake by changing air intakes?
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did you use an K/N air filter? they void new car warranties because they contaminate sensors from the oil in the filter.

Did the MAF fix your problem??

No SPECTRA cold air came with a filter that appeared not to be oiled. New MAF did not fix problem. I am thinking that one of my connections on the wires i had to lengthen might be faulty or to big of gauge of wire.
use an ohm meter to check your connections. that will verify your connections.
make sure there is a 12 volt power source also. there is a fuse for this control. beyond this. you may need a shop to scope the sensor to see if the signal is going back to the pcm.

ok. PCM? Sorry abbreviations confuse me. I will try the ohm meter hopefully thats all it is is the wiring. Thanks