Q: engine won't run when it reaches operating temp. on 2002 Audi Allroad Quattro

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Already replaced the coolant sensor. There are no touble codes. car starts and runs fine once it cools down. I want to check the crankshaft position sensor. Maybe it's breaking down when it gets hot. how do you check the cps? Or if you have any other ideas what it may be, please share. Thank you for your time and help
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you need a scan tool to monitor the cran sensor. i would look more at the fuel pump pressure.

Thanks for your response, but it's probably not the fuel pump. The car has no spark when it dies. You mean you have to have "special scanner" to dianose the crank sensor? Isn't it just a magnetic pickup? why can't I just ohm it out?
not that simple as the signal is what you look at for the fault. ohming it out is not a good test anymore. you need to see the actual scope pattern.

no, not special, any scan tool that has scope ability.