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Engine restarts very rough when warm on Ford F-150

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Truck starts when cold and runs fine as long as I don't shut it off. When trying to restart the engine while its hot it runs very rough for a minute or two then runs fine again.
When starting cold,runs great, if I drive downtown and back(30 miles) turn it off and restart, it idles rough for just a few seconds then it's normal
My truck was running fine then lost power started running rough like it was barely getting any gas found that my exhaust pipe was glowing red and catalytic converter too had the checked they were ok changed fuel filter still same problem runs but with no power and runs rough
When starting on cold days starts great. On hot days hard to start. It finally starts but you think this is the time it won't start. The engine sounds like someone is blocking the tailpipe--like its choking and coughing. The engine light comes on.No one has been able to fix it. By the way, it has 2 fuel tanks and is 4x4. I have been told to open both fuel caps to help start it. I have also been told to turn the key to the right 3 times before trying to start it. Someone else told me its probably vapor lock. Again, on cold days and during the winter it seems to start better. This started around 50,000 miles. It now has around 89,000.
Hi, I've got a 1996 F-150 4x4, 300ci straight 6 engine, 5 speed stick. Only has 78,000 miles on it. Truck will occasionally not start once the engine is already warm. If I let it cool down a bit it fires right up. Also had it fall on its face earlier when I tried to accelerate. In addition it's fuel mileage is terrible. Literally like 6mpg. I've read so many possible issues that it could be, to the point where I don't know where to start. I've read that it could be Mass Air Flow sensor, o2 sensors, fuel pumps, fuel tank selector valve, plugs, wires, coil, throttle body, EGR valve, distributer... I'm not one to just start throwing parts at it either hoping to fix it. I'm hoping others have had the same problem and can help me out. Thanks - Ben.
when it warms up it has a rough idle and bogs when try to accurate fast
When cold, the engine started up and idled OK but after driving it somewhere then shutting it off and trying to restart, it barely started and ran very rough for a while. Pulled the codes out and they were 172 and 211. The 211 is regarding the PIP signal. Replaced the ignition control module ($54.99 from Advance Auto Parts) on the driver's side fender well and now it runs like a champ.
engine starts fine when cold but after it warms up it will not start again till it cools down, Then it starts fine. have replacet fuel pump, cam sensor and crank sensor. can not figurem out what is wrong,
Runs fine then when restarted it runs rough for lil while then its fine