Cadillac DeVille Problem Report

Cadillac DeVille Stalling Due to Failed Crankshaft Position Sensor

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The crankshaft position sensor may fail causing the engine to stall intermittently, the Check Engine Light may or may not illuminate.

After start up my 2003 Cadillac DHS vehicle will run for about two miles depending on speed then just shut down. Car will restart immediately and run perfectly. However it may intermittently shut down any time even in high speed traffic. Mine shut down on the parkway and I was almost rear ended by an 18 wheeler. This is very dangerous and I believe that the National Highway Safety Agency should be notified. This vehicle should have been recalled by Cadillac/GM regardless of age or mileage. This vehicle and this problem is very dangerous. I am going to complain to dealer and contact GM. Someone is going to get killed and I don't want it to be my wife and kids or yours. -
Pull up to stop and the engine shuts down. Then I have to restart engine. -
My car dies at lights and sometimes while driving but restarts right away -
car intermittantly turns off restart is fine then wont occur for a few days doesnt seem to b any rhyme or reason to it -
It shuts off sometime and u just restart it and it drives really good is this a serious problem because it drives smooth whats the cost for this to get fix crankshaft sensor -
misfire, rough idle, replaced crank sensor and fixed intake air leaks. -
on freeway in fast lane car just shut off, had to use emergency side, then restarted and had to rocket on freeway. very dangerous. -
My car continues to jerk and almost goes dead when stopped at a red light. -
engine stalls.........driving, idleing.........must stop vehicle & restart -
while on freeway after a few miles my car died and would not restart -
Is it the crankshft sensor or camshaft sensor -
Sometimes when I go to start itit dosnt want to start and its hard getit started then at times it starts fine butata lightor at randommoments it just turns off. -
My 2002 Deville cuts off in traffic. It starts back up, but this is a serious problem. My mechanic doesn't know where to start. -
when i turn the key on my 1995 cadillac deville i get nothing please help -
engine stall's sometimes at idol. no dash lites come on. -
the car will just shut off and this was fixed by a dealership...who can I repot this to. -
I used online research to troubleshoot the issue. I ordered the part and replaced it myself. It was a pain to replace ! -
My car just turns off/stalls without warning. It always is when my foot is off the gas. It has happened mostly while at a stop or coming to a stop. It has always started back up but the problem is getting worse daily and a check engine light sometimes goes on. This is very dangerious as it happens enen while turning corners. I could get rear ended. I quickly put in neutral and it starts back up while I am still rolling around the turn. i am afraid the dealer will charge me for thing I do not need. -
Car cuts off while driving...restarts immediately -
Car will turn off while driving for a couple of days and will be fine for weeks at a time. Check engine does not come on every time. Super frustrating and dangerous -
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