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Stalling and/or "Crank no Start" Due to Failed Crankshaft Position Sensor on Mercedes-Benz C240

Problem Description and Possible Solution

The engine may develop a stalling and/or no start condition due to a failed crankshaft position sensor.

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Mercedes-Benz C240 Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 107,698 (15,050–240,654)
5 model years affected: 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, more2005
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The car wont start, and you have to wait for a while and try again before it starts. When I took it to the dealership, they could not replicate it. It also only happens when the weather is cold
2003, C240, 1 owner, car stalls, cools down and restarts and runs for about 15 minutes, then stalls. Replaced fuel filter and fuel pump; problem persists! Also, checked battery and alternator (both were o k) after 1'st stall episode. Will look for crankshaft position sensor and replace if possible.
When I start the car and it is warm it will start everytime. If I let it sit for over 2 hours and try to start it will turn over and sould like it will start but doesnt.
Car engine stopped once 3 days ago. Was able to restart. It got to stop more and more frequently until now it would not crank when cold this morning. Although it did start once, ran for 10 seconds and died. Dash icons are always lit up in key position 2. Battery was 12.5V. Hooked up a battery charger. Had 13.4 V, still would not crank. Changed battery, still no cranking. Swapped fuel and starting relays this did not change anything. In all the testing, the cooling fan activated when the key was in position 2. Also, I have a full tank BUT the low fuel light was also on, in Key position #2.
I am thinking of changing the ECM/ECU
Sitting at a light, started to go and car died. Red "Battery/Alternator Visit Workshop" death message appeared. Restarted car and continued on. Took to the shop after work, hooked up to computer for codes, crankshaft sensor hanging on by a thread. Replacement at $249.00. Glad it happened now, driving nearly 1,100 miles next week for OBX vacation!
during the winter season, the 1st. start in the morning, the C240 will crank and has a hard time starting. it usually take a few times to start the car. the mechanic thinks the fuel pump might need to be replaced. once the car is started, the car runs like new. i can park the car for hours and it will start up just fine. it is when the car sits overnight that makes the car hard to start.

around 37K, i had the C240 completely serviced, all the fluids and filters, spark plugs, Crank Position Sensor and the Cam Sensor.
Parked the car in front of our building after driving it briefly (engine was warm). After about a 10 minute stop, tried restarting the car. Engine would crank (turnover) but would not start. Tried three times. Paused for a minute and tried fourth time, and engine finally started with the Check Engine light illuminated. Was not able to take to repair shop until a week after -- we drove the car a few hundred (!!) miles in between without incident. Repair shop scanned computer and told us the Crankshaft Position Sensor was faulty. Replaced the CPSO, part was $100, labor was $115 (one hour), total of $215 plus tax.
Check engine light came on. Took it to the dealership. they said it had mis-fired. and that there was an oil leak that was not such a big deal except that it is leaking onto the Crank sensor!! They reset everything and cleaned everything off, and told me to bring it back WHEN it happens again. Ive only had this car for a month! I wish ihad read this before i bought this car!
mercedes 430 clk stalled and would not stsrt until it cooled down.replaced fuel filter and it did not help. Looked up repair pal on the internet and installed crankshaft position sensor and have not had a problem since.thanks
Car sputtered and stalling in the middle traffic. Unlike other reports, I could not get the car to start again. Had the Crank Position Sensor replaced today; let's see what tomorrow brings with more driving.
Car runs for 10-15 minutes, then the check engine light flashes and engine shuts down. Won't start for a few minutes, then starts but the problem persists in a few minutes. Private shop diagnosed it as crank shaft position sensor. Cost $500 to replace. Second time this happened with this vehicle. Small oil leak on to sensor. Seems like a common problem
Car shut off while at stop light. Battery/Alternator light was lit. Attempted to crank car 3 more times with no luck. Allowed car to sit for 5 minutes at light and then attempted to crank a 4th time. Car started, but check engine light was on. Pulled car into a parking lot and shut the car off completely and let it sit for 10 mins. Check engine light went away. I drove car into repair shop and they confirmed I had a faulty crank shaft sensor. Part $89, labor $125. Total cost to repair $214
2003 c240 stalling will start. Crank senor going out what's cost to replace where can I buy part have it put in