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BMW 325i Water Pump May Develop Coolant Leak

BMW 325i Problem
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Model Years Affected: 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006

Average Mileage: 94,600 mi (20,000 mi - 145,000 mi)


The low coolant light may illuminate and/or the engine may overheat as a result of a coolant leak from the water pump. The leaking pump will require replacement and the entire cooling system should be inspected for leaks as it is not uncommon to find multiple leaks on higher mileage vehicles.

Overheating can cause severe engine damage. If the engine begins to overheat it is recommended to stop at the first available location and have your vehicle towed to a repair shop.

  • Visitor,

    I had water pump and coolant reservoir replaced but it still leaks antifreeze periodically. Is this possibly also the reason my AC/heater doesnt blow anymore now?

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  • DamonLee, , 100,000 mi

    Actually, my water pump wasn't pumping enough fluid to cool the engine.. I replaced the pump, and found the impeller was plastic, and had broken loose from the shaft. Not long after that I began getting low coolant warning, and had to replace the expansion tank, due to leaking. Evidently these are known issues for the 325i.

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  • Visitor, , 85,000 mi

    Water Pump replaced

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  • Visitor, , 145,000 mi

    Both the thermostat and water pump were replaced before the car hit 100,000 miles.

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  • Visitor, , 126,000 mi

    Had vehicle inspected before a thousand mile trip . Mechanic completed a test which found the water pump needed replacing,
    Furthermore, the reservoir , coolant is leaking. Indication light is on Car is over heating and driving in lower gears.

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  • StanPique, , 80,000 mi

    water pump changed

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  • Visitor, , 90,000 mi

    Water pump faild

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  • Visitor, , 55,000 mi

    Water pump failed and car overheated. Mechanic replaced waterpump and coolant; cost $1,000

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  • Visitor, , 144,000 mi

    Coolant loss leaking pump replaced pump. you dont have this job on your site.

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