Mercury Sable Problem Report

Mercury Sable Engine Oil Pan Gasket May Leak

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The engine oil pan gasket can develop a leak. Leaking oil may accumulate on the exhaust system resulting in a burning smell. Replacing the gasket should correct this leak.

Last year, during inspection, a note was placed on the report about the oil pan gasket leaking. This year, they say it needs replacing due to leaking and that that will cost $450. Is that a correct cost? -
Oil pan gasket leaks, bolts were checked but this didn't help. The gasket was replaced and the leaks have started again but not as bad. The original leaks started before 50K miles, fixed around 90K but started leaking again though not as bad. -
the pan gasket liked and was replaced -
Why no recalls -
Oil dripping onto garage floor after driving the vehicle and has a burnt oil smell while engine is still hot. Noticed the drips are going onto the exhaust. Looks like I need to get it repaired. -
leaks oil from oil pan gasket -
Engine oil pan gasket leaks. No fix. -
Burning smell. Tech said it was an oil pan gasket leak. Can't afford $400 bill for repairs. -
leaking oil from oil sending unit and oil pan poor design -
Mechanic found oil all over spark plugs and wires from oil leak. He replaced a gasket and said the next thing will be the oil pan or pan gasket. Starting to have that same oil burning smell again when driving. :( -
Same as described - mechanic noted the seal on the engine oil pan gasket seemed to be leaking. Noticed because of drippings and strong burnt oil smell coming from the exhaust (also comes through vent when car is stationary). -
Oil smell when the engine gets good and hot. Does not spot on floor concrete. -
Not fixed I wanted to no if there was a recall on this pronlem -
Oil leaks from oil pan gasket -
got gasket replaced, but still had problems. probably looking at a costly repair and not too excited about it. Hoping for the best, as always. -
Took car in for oil leak. Found out ball joints ($500) were really bad so did that work instead of oil pan gasket which was also quoted at $500. Only a drop or two leak on floor of garage every couple of days. Probably burns off on engine. Oil changed 2 1/2 months ago and only down 1/2 quart. It's now my 16 year old son's car so want to limit $ I put into it. Bought it new and only complaint is rear wheel well started to rust 1 year after purchase. It's been fixed 3 times, and I was told by autobody guy it had been hit and fixed. Only had 20 miles on it when I got it so must of happened at the factory. Guy said any fix under $1000 does not have to be disclosed to buyer. I'll keep buying Fords because they didn't take gov't $. -
As described oil burning smell from exhaust. -
Gasket worked it's way out from the front of the engine. -
Couldnt figure out where it was coming from but from reading the reviews I know now what to do -
Three oil pan gaskets replaced -
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