Engine May Overheat at Idle With AC On on Mercury Grand Marquis

The engine may overheat at idle when the AC is on. A new, upgraded fan motor and resistor may be required to correct this concern.

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Average mileage: 83,042 (23,000–114,000)
7 model years affected: 1998, 1999, 2004, 2007, more2008, 2009, 2010
13 people reported this problem
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2007 Mercury Grand Marquis 102,573 mi,
Car overheats while at an idle most of the time with the air conditioning on.
2007 Mercury Grand Marquis 110,000 mi,
Replace engine cooling fan
2008 Mercury Grand Marquis 55,000 mi,
The engine may overheat at idle when the AC is on. A new, upgraded fan motor and resistor assembly should be put in.
1999 Mercury Grand Marquis 114,000 mi,
The a/c began blowing hot air with the a/c on while at idle waiting for a stoplight. Revved it up a bit to get cool air. This worked for the first couple of stoplights and then I suddenly noticed some steam coming from under the hood. I looked down at the temp gauge and saw it was almost into the red zone. The check engine light then came on , the car began missing badly and clouds of steam began coming from under the hood. I veered off into a nearby parking lot and stopped the car. The radiator continued to boil over and dumped about 2 gallons of coolant on the ground. I ran across the street bought a gallon of distilled water and a gallon of coolant. Carefully removed the radiator cap after it cooled down a bit and refilled the radiator with coolant mix, then went on my way after turning the a/c off and the heat on as a precaution of course. A little hot in the car on a 95 degree day. Haven't had trouble since but it's been in the 60s and 70s since. Same thing happend last year just before the a/c went totally out. I won't be happy if that happens again. Cost for this incident this year: $17.00 in water and coolant and about an hour and a half of my day.
1998 Mercury Grand Marquis 112,000 mi,
Overheated when a.c. is on, sometimes fan don't go on
MY 2004 Mercury Grand Marque over heated in June while I was waiting on a red light to change, dumping all fluid and stranding me. I waited 2-weeks for my son to check out the car and he changed the thermostat and I drove it to the doctor next day and it over heated again. We added more antifreeze and I have not had that problem since, just a new host of problems. The A/C will only flow hot air, the passenger window if, I put it down it can only be put back up by force, the door can not be locked with the remote, I purchased a inside window washer and the long handle makes it easy to lock the door. My headlights went out and I also received the recall letter in April about that problem, the headlight problem did not occur till early on a very dark November morning when I was on my way to take my sister, for surgery, to the hospital. My car is now at the dealership for all electrical problems to be fixed and I understand the headlight part my not be available for months. Happy days are ahead.
Blowing hot air when idling or car was stationary. Drove it 15-20 miles....turned car off...started it up right away and the car made a strange sound and dumped contents of radiator....overheated. Dealership replaced fan and module $1000.