Q: engine light and VDC light on on 2007 Subaru B9 Tribeca

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I had engine light on, VDC light on and cruse control light on for my car 2007 Tribeca B9. When the car is cool is driving fine but after a few hours my car starts and 150 miles starts to sake and I cannot accelerate. I have to stop to cool down and then I can drive another 5 to 10 miles and is doing the same thing. I took it to a Subaru service and they cannot figure out the problem. They read the codes from memory PO175, PO172, PO137, PO157 and they tell me that I have to bring the car when it starts doing it otherwise they cannot fix it. Please help!
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The variable dynamic control (VDC) is very delicate and even harder to diagnose. But if you have all of them codes they should have a place to start. Dealerships have a hotline directly to SOA (subaru of america) tech support and if they place a call to them they will walk them through it. Sounds like you may need to find a different dealer service dept.
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