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THE MECHANIC says no brake fluid in the vacuum hose, but the fluid IS disappearing from the Brake Master. I'm SURE THAT it is being sucked into the engine (?) VIA the BRAKE -POWER-BOOSTER.

~ THANKS (?)
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There is NO engine vacuum brake booster on a diesel engine because there is no Engine Vacuum on s Diesel, as strange as that may sound. I used to be a Ford Journeyman and I have worked an lots and lots of Ford Diesels. Diesels need a separate vacuum pump to power things like the heater controls and the brake booster.
I would look for a very small leak or seepage. How is the area below your master cylinder, if the paint is blistered, then you have located your problem. Have you removed the read drums and looked at all of your junctions and the metering valve/proportioning valve?
Have you looked inside your Brake Booster Diaphragm? If it is wet, then the Booster is leaking.
Well, well, well. . . now you have confused me. (?)
Where are the Gaiions (YES GALLONS) of fluid going ? . . . but into the engine?
In the begining the fluid would only disappear when driving. . . but now I can top-off the Master, and not drive it or run it for a week, and the fluid would be gone.
When I took it to an 'old-timer' , he said the "booster-is-a-reservoir and that's where all the fluid is going." "Ah-ha " I said "then that's why the engine is starting hard, the brake fluid in being sucked into the engine, and it doesn't like running on brake fluid ?"
. . . BUT YOU SAY NO ! ! ? (so, then why the hard start and blue smoke on start?)

~~~ Today the mechanic R&R the brake master and the booster and the booster WAS
saturated with fluid. He agrees with you NO WAY FOR FLUID GET TO THE ENGINE ! (?)
When I went to pick up the van today 'IT' had a soft-peddle, so they are now going to see what THAT'S all about, I think a 'by-pass' (defective new master) But, they are going to 'bleed' the brakes at the wheels to make sure that this (new) problem is not air in the lines.
He said when he test drove it the peddle was 'hard' .but when I got there to pick it up, the peddle was soft and would go slowly down to the floor.
He re-bled the master right in front of me by letting the fluid run all over my engine-compartment (very unprofessional). . . I'm not liking these Guys the more I'm there. . .

__________ have any input on the above, let me know.

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