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Q: Engine idles rough on 2001 Ford F-250 Super Duty

My engine started idling rough at stop lights. Now it has a miss (cough) when I start it up and has continued to cough when I was at speed. I pulled p0470 code. What do you think?
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The P0470 is a code for Exhaust Back Pressure Sensor issue (EBP sensor). A fault was detected driving. Typical causes are defective sensor and / or wiring connector.

Do you have a performance chip or programmer for this truck?

I suspect that also you could have injector wiring harnesses with intermittent faults under the valve covers. Fairly common on these.
Yes I have a superchip in the truck , that was in when I bought it. I took it off performance and put it on safe tow. I usually have my welding trailer behind it. The miss is getting worse. Today it would miss 5miles down the road and at 65mph. It was at normal opperating temp , it was not cold. It doesnt do it all the time just a miss now and agian. Thanks for the info. How do check if I intermitten faults under the valve covers?
The EBP code is a direct result of the Superchip, most likely; for that reason, I wouldn't get too excited about it affecting your rough running issue.

A 2001 7.3L isn't going to throw a ton of codes for misfire issue or injector harness issues all the time. The harnesses are common for failure on these. A "wiggle" test of the harness while the vehicle is running will show if the problem is there. However, i would probably just proactively replace the harnesses and recheck operation, unless you know they have been replaced before, recently.

You could also have issues with injectors or the IDM (injector driver module). You could have an ICP (injector control pressure) issue as well. Beyond the harnesses, I would probably consult a good Power Stroke Diesel tech to help out with continued diagnosis. Good luck and Happy Holidays!
We are also having rough running issues with our 2001 F250 7.3L diesel. Service engine light has been going on and off more frequently lately. Today it is staying on. Will take it to get code. We bought it 3 months ago with 270,000 miles. Hoping it's not an expensive repair.
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