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The Door Locks May Cycle Rapidly on Mercedes-Benz ML320

Problem Description and Possible Solution

Electrical switches in the door latches can fail, causing the door locks to rapidly actuate up and down multiple times when the locks are activated by either the keyless remote or door lock switch. The affected door latch should be replaced to correct this concern.

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Mercedes-Benz ML320 Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 131,327 (14,500–300,000)
6 model years affected: 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, more2002, 2003
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Drivers door has stopped locking or unlocking with remote key . All other doors lock in sucession of each other after the car is in motion.I have to use key on the passenger side door to unlock my car.I have not had this problem fixed.I push the door lock down on the drivers front and rear doors to lock my car and push the lock button on center console to lock the other doors.
I'm having a problem with my lock system. When I lock my doors or unlock them the passenger doors always do the opposite of the driver's door. So the drivers door is locked when the other three are not or unlocked while the other three are locked. It drives me nuts because I have to lock the passenger doors with the remote and then I have to lock the drivers door manually with the key. This is the only way for all the doors to be locked at the same time. I had a mechanic say the problem is in the rear left passenger door and that it's the "coil." This was all he said and told me I could look it up on the internet. I haven't been able to figure out what exactly this is or find what kind of coil this is. Does anyone know what this part specifically is called? Or how to fix this problem?
I have this same problem, I bought the replacement unit and I tried to fix this myself but I can't get the old lock unit out of the door. I got two estimates at nearly $400 to repair. this is an old car, and I have other areas to repair. Does anyone have sugestions.

Thank God, I read this today, I was getting ready to go and buy a door actuator for this truck. The rear driver's door consistenly goes up and down when I press the remote to lock the car and it doesn't lock the back door, because of the electrical problem.
Problem: Door locks in passigner compartment cycles up and down.
Solution: After spending quiet a bit of effort, found the root cause was the trunk door lock. The actuator in the trunk door was machanically broken and jammed. When central locking and unlocking all the doors, the jammed trunk door actuator draws too much current away from the passenger door locks. Hence, one of more passigner door lock only locked partially. Since the micro switch of the partial locked door did not report a Locked status to the All Activity Module, the AAM unlock and relock all the doors repeatedly until all the doors (micro switches) reported the Locked status. Replaced and trunk door lock acturator, and the passenger door locks functioned normally (all locked in a single actuation).
The back passenger side door will not lock. I hit the lock button on my key-remote and it fluctuates 2 or 3 times sounding like it's going up and down or that it's trying to lock before it stops and still does not lock the door. I try to manually push the lock down and it won't go do either.
when locking, door locks jumped up/down multiple times before locking and the lights no longer flashed 3x. unlocking worked fine. after putting new batteries in remote didn't help i started looking at the doors. i couldn't find any switches between door and frame to mess with so i grabbed a can of silicone spray lube and hit the door latches one by one; trying the remote each time so i could isolate which door was giving problems. last was the drivers door and ta-da the remote locked perfectly and the lights flashed 3x to indicate the car was locked. may not be a forever fix but try the silicone spray on the door latch before you spend a bunch of $.
Left rear and front passenger door locks activates up and down rapidly when using the keyless remote when trying to lock and unlock doors, then they do not lock or unlock.
Not fixed, was told it would cost $800 and the car's only worth $1500. Piece of crap Mercedes.
The door will unlock multiple times before staying unlocked while the other doors are locked
Rear Passenger door has this problem. I just manually lock or unlock the door when it is used. The alarm system is active when the lock is not pushed down as long as all others are locked
I have a ml430 1999 my right front and right rear door make a hammer noise I took them apart and changed the springs put pannel on door still won't stay lock when driving could it be the master control console switch for windows, mirror that is gone bad or should I spend money and buy new lock activator please help