Q: ecm interchange on 2005 Cadillac SRX

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I have a 2005 CAD SRX,the number 4 injector is misfiring,and the dealer says its the ECM.I bought a used ECM from a 2005 SRX with the same first 8 numbers as my vin:1GYEE637.Both have the same Service number:12592124.Can I just plug it into my car,or will I need the dealer to reprogram it to work. Thanks Carroll
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You will need to have the ecm reflashed. However you do not have to go to a dealer, a well equipped independent repair shop will have a tool called a J2534 reflasher. When you do this you will also get any of the updates that where done to this vehicle by the manufacture. Your cost will be about $125 or so.

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