Volvo C70 Problem Report

Volvo C70 Door Window Regulator May Fail

(39 reports)

Door window regulator failures have been reported. These vehicles have a very complex door window mechanism that can be very difficult to adjust properly after installing a new window regulator. This can lead to air leaks, wind noise, and a door that doesn't open or close properly. This is a good time to find an experienced Volvo mechanic!

The driver side window would not go up. Upon taking the door panel off, I discovered the plastic wheel which the cable rides was bent due to the pressure exerted on it by the extremely tight cable and the cable had jumped off. I drilled a hole through the center of the wheel and into the door where the wheel mounts and put a small bolt and a fender washer to keep the wheel straight and keep the cable from jumping off. So far this has fixed the problem. Did not want to buy the high priced regulator. May fix permanently or may be temporary. Time will tell. -
problem with driver side window button. The window leaks and whistles bad. Very annoying on a rainy day. -
My Driver Window slid down and stopped working. Cable broke. Part $600. My mechanic found a place that will rebuild it for $350. Volvo used plastic rollers. If it is just a roller there is a fix on line ising a patio door roller. At least its not plastic. -
Power window does not work -
Driver's window worked intermittently then not at all. I changed the door switch but that was not the problem. I suspect the door module or the regulator. Any comments out there to offer? -
Passenger side power window wouldn't go down. I don't think its a switch issue as the lights dim slightly when I push it. All plastic parts of this car seems to be junk. -
window will go down but not up. window actually will slide down into door upon shutting the door. you can pull on window with switch pulled and window goes up -
Window would go down but would make a grinding noise going up... Pulled cassette from door...Cable was off upper right pulley...Regulator needs overhauling....Will experiment doing it myself...if no luck will send it out for a rebuild... -
Passenger window regulator with motor needs to be replaced. Independent quoted $1400. Volvo quoted $1200. -
Window regulator failed; replaced at $1,200 ($700 part, $500 labor). Now window leaks in several places. Have taken back to shop several times and they claim nothing more to be done. -
Driver's window regulator failed, then later in summer passenger side began 'clunking' also. Too expensive a part for me to do myself so bill at mechanic came to just under $1k each. Now a few years have gone by, I have only 101k miles on the car (it is usually garaged all winter) and the drivers side has started 'clunking' when it goes down. -
First, I had a problem with the passenger door module such that the door would come open while driving at highway speeds. After that was repaired, the passenger window regulator failed. I don't know if these are related. The dealership denies that the repair of the door module damaged the window regulator. -
passenger window would go up and then start going down. today the window has not gone up at all. taking to dealership for service next week and taped plastic over the opening-sad -
Yep. Mine broke. I found one on eBay for about $300. My ex- is an auto body instructor, so he installed it for me. Took him about 4-5 hours, and he had to go back in a couple of times to adjust it, but otherwise it works! -
The driver side window failed twice.... -
Heard loud pop sound from passenger side door upon shutting it. Now window just slides down by itself and will not go up with button. Had to pull window up by hand and wedge cardboard in the window to make it home in a rain storm. Not fun! -
Driver side window regulator is junk. Had it rebuilt and worked fora day. don't use cheep plastic rollers. My mechanic rebuilt with a sliding door roller and worked for a while but just broke again. I should have bought a Toyota -
window really rattles and howels between 50- 55mpg seems better on the highway at 70mpg -
Drivers window will only go half way up, no idea how to fix it and sure don't want to pay 1200 dollars to fix it either -
I didn't fix it. The Volvo dealership wanted $1200 to fix the problem with the window regulator. I just live with the noise. -
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