Q: door latch failure on 2004 Dodge Ram 1500

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How do I get the door open now that the latch has failed and the door is closed in the locked position. All actuator rods are connected and motion is
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You will have to remove the inner door panel to get access to the linkages and lock actuator and to this you may have to get the seat out to get the door panel off but it is going to be awkward any way you look at it,
nope, door panel is off, I have checked the motion of the inside handle and linkages as well as the lock linkage. Simply cannot get this door latch to release so I can open the door.I see a hole with tape covering a hex head...don't want to try this yet so I am asking the pros first. anybody else got know a way into the door latch mechanism
I had to cut the catch with a sawzall and pull the door open. even the plastic latchtrip mentioned below failed on mine. you might be able to cut open the panel, open the door with the latchtrip and replace the panel later. Good luck!
there is a black plastic latchtrip on the latch body. It is not visible unless you have a snake mirror to look at teh bottom and inside part of the latch next to the door as it is attached. In my case it had failed also and I had to take off the back door and cut the strike plate. The door will pop open and you can begin work.